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What to Do with Cows That Have Lost Calves

What to Do with Cows That Have Lost Calves

Aaron Berger

Northern Ag Network

Due to the recent severe weather, many cow-calf producers have a significant number of first-calf heifers or cows that have lost calves this spring. The following are things to evaluate and think through in making decisions regarding what to do with these cows.

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The importance of a complete bull BSE prior to breeding season

The importance of a complete bull BSE prior to breeding season

Matthew Garcia

Progressive Cattleman

Breeding season is upon us, and hopefully we have made some sound bull decisions that will positively influence our herds going forward. However, it is even more important we ensure the bulls we have purchased or retained are capable of incorporating genetics into our herds.

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Receding flood waters pose hazards to livestock

Receding flood waters pose hazards to livestock


When flood waters begin to recede, producers must continue to use caution when assessing damage and beginning clean-up procedures on the farm. According to Eldon Cole, livestock specialist with University of Missouri Extension, livestock will be exposed to unique hazards created by flood waters. In addition, agriculture producers must also protect their own health when working in and cleaning up previously flooded areas.

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Milk Discoloration May Be a Short-Lived Problem

Milk Discoloration May Be a Short-Lived Problem

Dr. Ken McMillan

Inflammation or trauma can cause a hemorrhage in the udder, leading to discolored milk. I have seen this several times during my 38 years of practicing, and I bet it happens a lot more than we realize since we rarely see the milk of beef cows after calving unless you have a problem. I think this happens more with heavier milkers or those whose bags fill early.

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I needed a big girl and a gag

I needed a big girl and a gag

R. P. ‘Doc’ Cooke

Beef Producer

Help with veterinary tasks was the easy part. Help taming my tongue was the hard part. Cows occasionally have a malady called uterine torsion. With few exceptions there is a big fetus located in the right or left uterine horn and the whole organ makes a near full twist, just like you took a hot-dog-shaped balloon that was half water and half air and twisted it and it didn’t untwist.

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Walmart to create Angus beef supply chain.

Walmart to create Angus beef supply chain.

Susan Kelly

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Walmart announced its entry into the beef industry, developing an end-to-end supply chain for Angus beef. The retailer has been working to improve the quality of its food offerings, with its fresh division and meat department at the forefront of the effort.

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Group Of Oklahoma Cowboys Come Together To Rescue Livestock From Floods

Group Of Oklahoma Cowboys Come Together To Rescue Livestock From Floods

Sawyer Buccy

Oklahoma’s Own 9

Dozens of Oklahoma cowboys have been coming together for almost a week now, saving livestock from properties all over Green Country. They say have taken days off of work and are using their own fuel, trucks, boats, and horses to get the animals to safety. This isn’t a job for the faint of heart but these Oklahoma cowboys are taking it up because, when they saw people’s farms and livestock started going underwater they felt motivated to help.

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Considering Feed-through Fly Control This Year?

Considering Feed-through Fly Control This Year?

Jason Smith


Feed-through fly control has without doubt become one of the most popular types of feed additives utilized in pasture-based beef production systems. As a result, many floor-stocked free-choice mineral supplements and other feed products containing one of these technologies will soon become available for the upcoming grazing season.

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NDSU Extension Specialists Say Proper Timing of Livestock Pest Management is Vital

NDSU Extension Specialists Say Proper Timing of Livestock Pest Management is Vital

North Dakota State University

Face flies, horn flies and stable flies are the most common and most treated pests on North Dakota livestock operations. Left untreated, these pests can cause significant loss in production, says Miranda Meehan, North Dakota State University Extension livestock environmental stewardship specialist.

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Federal court deals decisive blow to Obama water rule

Federal court deals decisive blow to Obama water rule

John Siciliano

Washington Examiner

A federal court dealt a decisive blow against the Obama administration’s Waters of the U.S. rule this week, bolstering the Trump administration’s deregulation agenda.  The U.S. District Court of the Southern District of Texas issued the strongly worded ruling late Tuesday, stating that the Environmental Protection Agency broke the law in issuing the landmark regulation governing waterways.

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