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Baxter Black, DVM: Foreign Language

Baxter Black, DVM:  Foreign Language

A medical doctor friend of mine was recounting his experiences in Africa as a volunteer for a church missionary program.

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Management Perspectives: Use of beef semen growing in dairy operations

Management Perspectives: Use of beef semen growing in dairy operations

Dr. Bob Hough

Western Livestock Journal

Staying profitable year in and year out in the farming and ranching business is not easily achieved. Perhaps there is no bigger case of this than with dairy farmers who have struggled with low fluid milk prices for years.

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Adverse Spring Weather Can Lead to Hoof Problems and Performance Loss

Adverse Spring Weather Can Lead to Hoof Problems and Performance Loss

Jennifer Carrico

Missouri Cattleman

Extreme weather conditions of any kind have effects on cattle’s health, but wet spring conditions in the Midwest have a very adverse effect on the hooves of cattle.  Mud and soft conditions produce an increase in lameness by decreasing hoof hardness and increasing the incident od claw lesions, according to Alvaro Garcia, South Dakota State University beef extension specialist.

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What do You Know About Fetal Programing?

What do You Know About Fetal Programing?

Janna Kinchloe

Brangus Journal

The relationship between nutrition and reproduction has been well established with measures such as calving interval, calf health and survival, and overall pregnancy rates affected by body condition score at calving. To date, most research has focused on optimizing reproductive response in the date through management and nutrition during gestation, with little focus on how these strategies may influence the developing offspring throughout their productive lives.

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Don’t short-change herd nutrition

Don’t short-change herd nutrition

Dan Shike,

Angus Beef Business

Calving season is upon us — or right around the corner! I discussed in the last issue that a cow-calf operation’s profitability was largely dependent on feed costs. However, nutrition prior to calving through the breeding season is critical for reproductive success and to ensure that the newborn calf gets a good start. So, now is not a time to skimp!

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What does an Extension Livestock Specialist do?

What does an Extension Livestock Specialist do?

Joe Paschal

Victoria Advocate

he other day, I was asked what it is exactly that I do as a Texas A&M Extension livestock specialist. My short answer that usually satisfies the person asking the question, is that I support county Extension agent activities in animal science, help in their educational programs, conduct ranch visits and respond to information requests from them. In Texas, we are fortunate that every county has at least one CEA usually with a responsibility in agriculture and natural resources, like Victoria’s Matt Bochat.

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Expanded beef access to Japan could increase US exports by $200M

Expanded beef access to Japan could increase US exports by $200M

Rachel Gabel

The Fence Post

Japan has lifted age restrictions on beef exported by the United States and Canada in what Kent Bacus calls a ringing endorsement of the safety and quality of the U.S. beef production system. Bacus, the director of international trade for the National Cattleman’s Beef Association, said much emphasis has been placed on mitigating the bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) risk, leading to one of safest designations in the world from the World Organization for Animal Health. Japan closed its door completely to U.S. beef in 2003 amid BSE concerns before opening access with age restrictions in 2005.

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Soil Health Minute: Consider a cover crop on prevented planting acres

Soil Health Minute: Consider a cover crop on prevented planting acres

Abbey Wick


With the thought of prevented planting acres looming, preparing those acres for next year’s crop will be important. Rather than leaving those acres fallow, getting a full-season cover crop planted this year may be just the ticket to build soil aggregation, improve water management, ramp up the soil biological component, manage weeds, amongst many other benefits.

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Northwest Iowa cattle farm taps Bluetooth for precise feeding

Northwest Iowa cattle farm taps Bluetooth for precise feeding


Sioux City Journal

This spring, the rural Alvord, Iowa farm upgraded to a new Scale-Tec hardware system in its feed trucks that works with the Performance Beef app from Performance Livestock Analytics to track everything from how much feed is being delivered at each pen to what the real-time breakeven price is on each group of cattle.

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Oklahoma 4-H Foundation welcomes Jenkins as new executive director

Oklahoma 4-H Foundation welcomes Jenkins as new executive director

Oklahoma State University

Milford Jenkins recently has been appointed as the new executive director of the Oklahoma 4-H Foundation. Jenkins is no stranger to the Oklahoma 4-H Youth Development Program. Growing up as a 4-H member in Ellis County, Jenkins was involved in the beef and sheep project areas. He credits 4-H for instilling in him a lifelong passion not only for the agricultural industry, but also serving others.

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