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How Cattle Serve as Environmental Stewards by “Upcycling” to Feed the World

How Cattle Serve as Environmental Stewards by “Upcycling” to Feed the World

Rebecca Bland

Hereford World

The beef industry has been under fire recently for its alleged harmful effects on climate and health. In January 2019, a report published in the British medical journal, The Lancet, claimed a radical change in diet and food production is needed to “avoid potentially catastrophic damage to the planet.” The report recommends a 50 percent decrease in red meat and sugar consumption while doubling the intake of nuts, fruits and vegetables. In addition, nonmeat initiatives, such as Meatless Monday, continue to make headway.

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Ag Credit Conditions Deteriorate Steadily

Ag Credit Conditions Deteriorate Steadily

Nathan Kauffman and Ty Kreitman

The Cattle Business Weekly

Farm income decreased across the Tenth District (which includes the states of Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Wyoming by the Federal Reserve Bank) and the trend of steady deterioration in agricultural credit conditions continued in the first quarter of 2019. With low income weighing on farm finances, the pace of decline in farm loan repayment rates increased slightly.

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The bigger-calf theory isn’t working right now

The bigger-calf theory isn’t working right now

Beef Producer

It was an interesting week in the market. What I find even more interesting is how people can get so emotional about such things. Cattle marketing is simple math, and that should take the emotion out of things since math is fundamental and never changes.

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Are You Leaving Money On The Table With Your Calf-hood Implant Program?

Are You Leaving Money On The Table With Your Calf-hood Implant Program?

Jason Smith

University of Tennessee

There are very few (if any) growth-promoting technologies that offer as much of a return on investment as an implant does.  While the feedyard and backgrounding sectors of the beef industry continue to embrace this technology, its use in the cow/calf sector has waned over time.  Even when put to use by cow/calf operations, an implant program’s return on investment can be limited by the means in which this technology is used.

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Pregnant Cow Still Cycling

Pregnant Cow Still Cycling

Dr. Ken McMillan

Pregnancy does not stop a cow from cycling. It is not common, but I have seen this on several occasions, including on my farm. If a cow has been diagnosed as pregnant and shows heat, never assume she is open until she has been rechecked.

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Cattle Dewormer Product Options

Cattle Dewormer Product Options

Kalyn Waters


Parasites are stressful for cattle. Parasite management can be stressful for producers. When you start shopping and comparing the assortment of dewormer products labeled for use in cattle, the options can be overwhelming. Knowing how critical parasite control is for your herd, this can become a source of stress for cattle producers.

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CAB at 40: The beef community’s brand

CAB at 40: The beef community’s brand

The Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®) brand turned 40 this year, tapping into an increased well of available and qualified cattle, up 25% in two years. With annual global sales reaching beyond 1.2 billion pounds (lb.), it’s pulled far ahead of a very large pack, the hundreds of other brands combined falling short. To be fair, it’s always held a big lead. The last decade of year-over-year growth only shows what an elemental force the brand has become, gaining momentum with every stride.

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What Makes a Cow Fertile?

What Makes a Cow Fertile?

Kevin McSweeney

Dairy Herd Management

Why do cows fail to get pregnant when you do everything right? Having a healthy cycling cow in heat, bred by an experienced technician is not enough to ensure a viable pregnancy. There are two crucial things that must occur prior to breeding for any real chance of producing an embryo that will survive to term.

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Scientists say freezing steak tartare can decrease Toxoplasma infections

Scientists say freezing steak tartare can decrease Toxoplasma infections

Joe Whitworth

Food Safety News

If filet americain, known in the United States as steak tartare, is frozen for a minimum of 48 hours at a temperature of minus 12 degrees, a Toxoplasma infection can be prevented. Steak tartare is made with raw ground meat, usually beef in the U.S. and sometimes horse or other meats in other countries.

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Sharing Success in Managing BRD

Sharing Success in Managing BRD

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Involved with cattle since he was a boy, Tanner Stucky says he keeps an open mind in this business because there’s always more to learn. “Everyone you meet can usually teach you something different,” said Stucky, yard manager at Tiffany Cattle Co., near Herington, Kan.

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