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Baxter Black, DVM:  It’s What I Do

Baxter Black, DVM:  It’s What I Do

A cowboy is the way he is because he works with stock.

He’s learned it’s best to ease along

To find the rhythm in their song

And not to fret if days are long

‘cause cows don’t punch a clock.

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Thinking Has Changed About Dewormer Programs

Thinking Has Changed About Dewormer Programs

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Cattle dewormer programs with less than 90% efficacy, are likely doing more harm than good. Programs should show that much of a reduction in fecal egg counts (FEC) 14 days post-treatment. If they don’t they are contributing to parasite resistance.

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The Importance of Trace Minerals

The Importance of Trace Minerals

Megan Van Emon


Although many of the pastures are green and lush in Montana and around the country, this is not the time to forget about trace minerals and their importance to beef production.

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Stockmanship is Key During A.I. Breeding Projects

Stockmanship is Key During A.I. Breeding Projects

Brenda Brady


While it’s important to practice good stockmanship skills whenever handling cattle, it’s especially important when you have a group of females set up for A.I. You have to realize this is the third time in 20 days the females have gone through your facilities, you have manipulated their hormones and, if you’re A.I.ing cows, there are now calves involved.

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A few minutes with Kristopher Gasteratos: Cell-based meat guru shares what’s ahead

A few minutes with Kristopher Gasteratos: Cell-based meat guru shares what’s ahead


You’ve heard of cell-based meat? It’s been in papers and magazines and on the radio, TV and social media. It’s hard to miss; a media sensation rivaling the Kardashians and Avengers: Endgame, maybe falling a bit short of the final episode of Game of Thrones.

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Census of Agriculture Cattle Insights

Census of Agriculture Cattle Insights


The “2017 Census of Agriculture” is a valuable source for insights related to cattle operations at the state level. There were 13,928 operations across South Dakota with cattle in 2017, and the total inventory was 3,988,183 head. The long-run shift toward fewer yet larger operations mirrors the national situation. The number of operations fell from 2012, while the inventory increased.

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Farmers Desperately Need Disaster Relief

Farmers Desperately Need Disaster Relief

American Farm Bureau Federation

The House of Representatives recently passed a disaster aid bill that the American Farm Bureau Federation says will help farmers and communities hit hard by weather catastrophes. The Senate is currently working on putting together its own version of disaster relief. Lorenda Overman, a North Carolina farmer and Farm Bureau member, is still dealing with the financial impact of last year’s hurricanes.

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