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Nobody knows the weather like a farmer

Nobody knows the weather like a farmer

Erica Louder

Progressive Forage

He stayed up past midnight to fertilize the pastures because according to the AccuWeather app, rain was supposed to start by 8 a.m. Perfect timing to dissolve the pellets. My iPhone weather app didn’t show any rain expected until the next evening. But he claims the AccuWeather app is always more accurate.

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Poisonous plants that can kill cattle

Poisonous plants that can kill cattle

Heather Smith Thomas

Beef Magazine

It’s been said that all that glitters is not gold. Transfer that thought to your pastures, and all that is green isn’t good — especially for your cattle. Indeed, there are many plants that can cause illness, death, abortion, birth defects, metabolic disorders, photosensitization and other problems in cattle.

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Beef cattle get a genetic makeover for a warming world

Beef cattle get a genetic makeover for a warming world

Marc Heller

E&E News

For Raluca Mateescu, the battle against climate change involves an unusual task: breeding a better steak. A researcher at the University of Florida, Mateescu is tweaking cattle genes to try to unlock one of the mysteries of Southern agriculture: developing a breed that can withstand the hot, humid weather that has become more pronounced due to climate change while still producing high-quality beef.

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