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Welcome to the World of Competitive, Intercollegiate Meat Judging

Welcome to the World of Competitive, Intercollegiate Meat Judging

Mike Piellucci

Sports Illustrated

Intercollegiate meat judging is like no sport you’ve ever seen. Its core components, however, are intimately familiar to anyone who follows NCAA athletics. It’s college football in a cooler, a world built around high school recruiting, top-notch facilities, competition for scholarships, rivalries, national championships, All-Americans and professional scouts.

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How to transition away from hay feeding

How to transition away from hay feeding

  1. P. ‘Doc’ Cooke

Beef Producer

Lately I’ve been rereading and studying some books that I liked the first time or two or three that I went through them. Lately, one of them has been Kick the Hay Habit by Jim Gerrish. He and I have different backgrounds and some different beliefs but I am of the opinion we are on the same side and are friends.

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Lobbyist: Trade Key for Beef Farmers

Lobbyist: Trade Key for Beef Farmers

Sandra Lepley

Lancaster Farming

To help beef farmers, the United States should maintain continuity in North American trade and keep meat flowing to Asia, according to a top beef lobbyist. Trade is a big and growing cut of the U.S. beef industry. Last year’s $8 billion in exports broke the 2017 record by $1 billion and absorbed 13.5% of U.S. beef production. And that’s why Allison Rivera is keen to see the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement enacted.

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Brahman cattle fit breeding and meat market

Brahman cattle fit breeding and meat market

Chris Mccullough


Just outside Francistown in eastern Botswana, South Africa is Wayside Brahman Stud run by three generations of the Munger family. This well-known family name has been breeding both the red and grey Brahman cattle for more than 30 years, gaining a good reputation for quality stud and commercial stock. Wayside Brahmans hosts an on-farm auction of their pedigree cattle every year with animals selling to new farms, both locally and internationally.

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Planning for a Muddy Breeding Season

Planning for a Muddy Breeding Season

Robin Salverson, Taylor Grussing,

April and May showers, coupled with continued melting snow across the Northern Plains, will also prolong flooding and muddy pens and pastures. Early calving spring cow herds have wrapped up calving and are preparing for breeding season.

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Prepare for a Successful Embryo Transfer Program

Prepare for a Successful Embryo Transfer Program


Propagating superior genetics with the use of advanced reproductive technologies requires an investment in time, labor and finances. The outcome will often result in outstanding offspring that will share genotype and phenotypic make-up of the parents.

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Impossible’ change coming to cattle industry

Impossible’ change coming to cattle industry

The Daily Democrat

With the popularity of the plant-based “Impossible Whopper” continuing to grow nationwide and the worldwide consumption of beef increasing what’s a cattle rancher to do when it comes to calculating costs?

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How cattle prices and beef demand interact

How cattle prices and beef demand interact

Derrell S. Peel

Beef Magazine

It is common in academic and industry discussions to refer to beef demand in the aggregate, often in the context of competing proteins, primarily pork and poultry. In reality, final beef markets consist of an immense array of companies and activities at the wholesale and further processing levels that link consumers with beef markets.

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Beef industry strives to improve sustainability

Beef industry strives to improve sustainability


Capital Press

The U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef adopted a framework last week for producing sustainable beef — from the calf on the ground through to steak on the plate. The framework will help ranchers and others across the beef value chain maximize their opportunities for continuous improvement in sustainability.

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Tamping Down the Stress Level on the Farm

Tamping Down the Stress Level on the Farm

Julie Murphree

Arizona Farm Bureau

Since the farm business added all the custom work to make their business plan feasible, he hasn’t had a moment to himself or the family in weeks. And, with budget expenditures ballooning, he and the spouse don’t seem to be able to talk about things the way they used to. He feels like day-to-day problems are escalating.

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