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Using artificial insemination in very warm weather

Using artificial insemination in very warm weather

Stillwater News Press

As the breeding season for spring calving herds is getting underway, understanding heat stress in cattle takes on increased importance. Producers that choose to synchronize and then artificially inseminate replacement heifers or adult cows may have already started, or will begin the process in the next few weeks. If the hot weather arrives during the AI breeding season, some management and breeding alterations may be helpful.

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Unraveling the mystery of whether cows fart

Unraveling the mystery of whether cows fart


Minneapolis Star Tribune
Let’s clear the air about cow farts. In the climate change debate, some policymakers seem to be bovine flatulence deniers. This became apparent in the fuss over the Green New Deal put forward by some liberal Democrats. More precisely, the fuss over an information sheet by the plan’s advocates.

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Horn fly control can boost bottom line

Horn fly control can boost bottom line

Dana Zook

Enid News and Eagle

It’s that time of year again. Temperatures are warming up and cattle producers are preparing for spring turn-out into summer pastures. Branding, vaccination and castration are common activities for this time of year; does fly control make the cut on this year’s to-do list?

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