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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 humbling experiences for farmers

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 humbling experiences for farmers


  1. Mixing up the herbicides for your herbicide-tolerant soybeans — yeah, the field right by the road.
  2. Explaining to the auctioneer that you were swatting a mosquito, not making the winning bid on a set of walking dead cows.

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Baxter Black, DVM: The Gift

Baxter Black, DVM:  The Gift

Seems like I ride a lot of borrowed horses. At folks’ ranches or trail rides, ropings or brandings they mount me ‘cause I’m usually a long way from home.

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Revisiting Weaning Protocols

Revisiting Weaning Protocols

Jon Elliott

Oregon Cattleman

At the annual convention Che Trejo, DVM, Zoetis Technical Services Veterinarian, talked about calving heifers. He ended up talking about weaning calves, and he speaks from experience. Dr. Trejo, for 12 years, managed an order buyer company that bought calves at auction barns throughout the South and shipped them to various locations. For years we have been advised to vaccinate calves for Bovine Respiratory Disease complex (BRD) about three weeks prior to weaning and then to give a booster at or very near weaning. Some producers have modified this advice and administered the first shot at weaning, with some following up with a booster about three weeks later.

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But, She’ll Make a Good Cow

But, She’ll Make a Good Cow

Luke Bowman

Simmental Register

If you aren’t pumped about the presence and power of SimGenetics in today’s beef industry, you better check your pulse. Sure, there have been other high times in the SO-year history of this great breed in the lbowman@simmgene.com USA, but today, being in pole position for what the industry needs, both maternally and terminally, our days are eclipsing the highlights of the past. Sustainable and superior; it’s a great day to be involved with Simmental.

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Management to Prevent Calf Scours

Management to Prevent Calf Scours

Iowa Beef Center

Cold and wet weather has added to the challenges of Iowa cow-calf producers that are currently calving. Iowa State University Extension and Outreach beef specialist Beth Doran said both are ideal conditions for contributing to calf scours. “There’s no magic bullet in preventing calf scours, but one key is to provide a clean, dry and draft-free environment,” she said.  “That is tough to do given the weather we have had.”

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Evaluation of active dried yeast in the diets of feedlot steers

Evaluation of active dried yeast in the diets of feedlot steers

Whitney Lynn Crossland, Caitlyn M Cagle, Jason E Sawyer, Todd R Callaway, Luis Orlindo Tedeschi

Journal of Animal Science

The objective of this trial was to determine the benefits of supplementing active dried yeast (ADY; 3 × 1010 CFU/d of Saccharomyces cerevisiae) in diets of growing and finishing steers on ruminal pH and liver health, and evaluate the relationship of these variables with performance traits.

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Readers share tips for tagging calves.

Readers share tips for tagging calves.

Shauna Hermel

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Whether you are trying to communicate to your spouse which baby needs doctoring or trying to match pairs to move pastures, having a system to help identify cows and calves can be a great asset in managing your herd.

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Unseen predators: Managing internal parasites

Unseen predators: Managing internal parasites

Jaclyn Krymowski

Progressive Cattleman

The adage “out of sight, out of mind” may avoid a few of life’s problems, but internal parasites are not one of them. It’s common knowledge there are countless microscopic predators lurking in the cattle environment.

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Arizona cattle rancher uses engineering background to breed better beef

Arizona cattle rancher uses engineering background to breed better beef

Lurissa Carbajal

AZ Central

Green vegetation dots the mountain range from Quarter Circle U Ranch headquarters to the edge of the Superstition Mountains, where genetically selected black Angus cattle roam rocky trails, eating cacti and dry hay. Chuck Backus is a ranch owner cloaked in science, his background in engineering leading him to choose the right genes for cattle to survive in the hardened landscape and heat of the Arizona mountains.

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Midwest Livestock Industry Hit Hard from Blizzard, Floods

Midwest Livestock Industry Hit Hard from Blizzard, Floods

Progressive Farmer

As a blizzard’s huge snowdrifts melt in some areas of the western Midwest, and floodwaters slowly recede in Nebraska and some other states hit hard by flooding, agricultural losses are starting to come into focus. Some farmers and ranchers still are scrambling to save cattle and add up the financial impact from weather disasters that first struck almost two weeks ago.

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