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Short calving seasons pay dividends

Short calving seasons pay dividends

Dr. Bob Hough

Western Livestock Journal

There are many practices that pay dividends for a commercial cow-calf operation, one of which is having a short calving season. Having calves in a short window has many bonuses including concentration of labor and a higher-value calf crop. Achieving a short breeding season is the result of optimum management of heifers, cows and bulls, as well as taking advantage of technologies like artificial insemination (AI).

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Weaning Weight Trends in the U.S. Beef Cattle Industry

Weaning Weight Trends in the U.S. Beef Cattle Industry

David Lalman

Angus Journal

Although reporting of performance records has increased in seedstock operations, few large data sets are available to characterize the trend over time in the commercial cow-calf industry. In this study, we evaluated the change over time in average calf WW or projected sale weight at the time of weaning using six different data sources.

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What are the Trends Occurring in Advertising – and is Print Obsolete?

What are the Trends Occurring in Advertising – and is Print Obsolete?

Kindra Gordon

Hereford World

There is no denying digital is everywhere. In fact, recent statistics suggest the average consumer spends 33 percent of his or her time online and on social media. That said, from a marketing perspective, Laurie Hoffman, vice president of client services for the Sioux Falls, S.D., based marketing agency VistaComm, says, “I definitely feel the digital world is vital today because technology is integrated into everyone’s life. Effective digital marketing meets the consumer where they are.”

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Animal well-being is enhanced by better observations and patience.

Animal well-being is enhanced by better observations and patience.

Lindsay King

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Renowned animal-handling expert Temple Grandin compares yelling at cattle to an idling pickup truck. A pickup does not have intent until you stomp on the gas; it is the same with your voice. Yelling has intent, but it’s the wrong kind.

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Genetic evaluations: Refining the toolbox

Genetic evaluations: Refining the toolbox

B. Lynn Gordon

Beef Magazine

All around us, technology is dramatically changing the way we live. Cell phones have become mini-computers and having a camera in the barn to monitor calving is no longer a specialty item but now is standard. Measuring and calculating beef cattle performance data is not exempt from the influx of new technology as well.

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Floodwaters threaten millions in crop and livestock losses

Floodwaters threaten millions in crop and livestock losses


Associated Press

Farmer Jeff Jorgenson looks out over 750 acres of cropland submerged beneath the swollen Missouri River, and he knows he probably won’t plant this year. But that’s not his biggest worry. He and other farmers have worked until midnight for days to move grain, equipment and fuel barrels away from the floodwaters fed by heavy rain and snowmelt. The rising water that has damaged hundreds of homes and been blamed for three deaths has also taken a heavy toll on agriculture, inundating thousands of acres, threatening stockpiled grain and killing livestock.

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The biggest mistake farmers make? Loving the farm too much

The biggest mistake farmers make? Loving the farm too much

Val Farmer


Why the Farm Comes First. Consider these frequently voiced motivations: “It is what I love; I can see progress in front of my eyes; the land is a legacy from my parents and grandparents — I need to pass it on to my children; and a farm is the best place to raise children.”

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