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How soon should you help a calving cow?

How soon should you help a calving cow?

Heather Smith Thomas

Beef Magazine

The question on when to intervene or call a veterinarian after a cow or heifer goes into labor is never easy to answer, but it’s an important especially when a live calf is the end goal.

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Vaccination Programs for the Cow Calf Operation

Vaccination Programs for the Cow Calf Operation

Cow Country News

Disease prevention is of utmost importance in a cow-calf operation because it is a low profit margin enterprise. Adequate nutrition, strategic deworming, sanitation and a well designed vaccination program are all necessary to maintain herd health.
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Strategies for calving 85% of the Cow Herd in 30 Days

Strategies for calving 85% of the Cow Herd in 30 Days

Adrienne Lulay and Clint Sexson

Utah Cattleman Seedstock Edition 2019 

Many producers have different management scenarios to juggle as spring rapidly approaches. We are all calving cows, planning brandings, preparing to move pairs from winter pastures to Bureau of Land Management, Forest permits and mountain pasture and going to bull sales. There are so many decisions to be made. We need those bigger calves that walk the distance or weather the long haul to greener pastures and return as big strapping feeders to push down the scales in the fall.

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An Overview of the Beef Quality Assurance Program

An Overview of the Beef Quality Assurance Program

Jessee Fulton

Frontline Beef Producer

With the beef industry continuously looking to improve everyday practices on the farm or ranch, it is important producers have the most up to date information and resources. This is where the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, a contractor to the beef checkoff, Producer Education team comes into play. The Producer Education team oversees two beef checkoff-funded programs, the Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program and the National Beef Quality Audit (NBQA) research project. So what are these programs and how can they help producers succeed?

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It’s Been Said That Increased Marbling is Good For All Sectors, Let’s Get a Packer’s View

It’s Been Said That Increased Marbling is Good For All Sectors, Let’s Get a Packer’s View

Oklahoma Farm Report

It’s been said that increased marbling is good for all sectors, but what say those who work in the space where supply and demand meet? Sharply increasing quality grades? It’s not a new headline, but it’s a good problem to have, says one Kansas packer.

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How are ranchers taking care of their cattle during winter storms?

How are ranchers taking care of their cattle during winter storms?

Buzzard’s Beat

Winter is tough on all of us – people, cattle, dogs, chickens, horses – every living thing is struggling to stay warm in this miserable, wet winter that doesn’t seem as if it will ever end (I’m not bitter, I swear). And while it may be easy to bring in your pets at night to make sure they don’t freeze, farmers and ranchers can’t feasibly bring an entire herd of cattle into the house.

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Feeding Distillers Grains: Mathematics vs. Biology

Feeding Distillers Grains: Mathematics vs. Biology

Alvaro Garcia


How is it possible then that multiple recent research results suggest that animals fed reduced-fat DDGS have performed as well if not better than those fed full-fat DDGS? The fact is that as nutritionists we are excellent mathematicians, but sometimes poor biologists. The energy content of individual feeds estimated adding the caloric value of individual nutrients outside of the animal is somewhat misleading.

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