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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 home repairs seldom experienced inside the city limits

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 home repairs seldom experienced inside the city limits


  1. Second floor window replacement due to the inattentive backing of a grain auger.
  2. A new mailbox because, well heck, that new planter is a bit wider.

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National Beef To Own Iowa Premium Beef LLC.

National Beef To Own Iowa Premium Beef LLC.

National Beef Packing Company, LLC (National Beef), today announced that it has approved a transaction that will result in it owning 100% of the ownership interests in Iowa Premium, LLC, (IP). The transaction is subject to customary conditions, including the expiration of the waiting period under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act, and is expected to close in the second quarter of 2019.

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Animal gene editing breakthrough: Bringing Angus beef raised from US cattle to Brazil

Animal gene editing breakthrough: Bringing Angus beef raised from US cattle to Brazil

Marc Brazeau

Genetic Literacy Project

Brazilians love their beef. Actually, they love our beef. US raised Angus beef is better marbled and more tender than the local Nelore beef, so it sells for a premium. Angus beef sells for about 50 percent more in Brazil than cuts from the native Nelore herds. Brazilian ranchers would love to charge that premium as well, but Angus cattle don’t thrive in the Brazilian heat. They slow down and stop eating enough to gain weight.

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Nutrition During Heifer Development Can Impact Cow Productivity

Nutrition During Heifer Development Can Impact Cow Productivity

Dr. Brandi Bourg Karisch

Mississippi Cattle Business

Most beef cattle producers understand the importance of keeping cattle healthy. A good herd health program is an essential part of any farm or ranch management program. Not having a good heard health program in place also has a big impact on profit margins. Mississippi Farm to Feedlot program results show just how large of an impact sickness can have on profitability, steers enrolled in the program which were treated just twice or more had lower gains, and lost an average of $141.95 net return from finishing.

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Is Visual Appraisal Still a Viable Tool in the Selection Process?

Is Visual Appraisal Still a Viable Tool in the Selection Process?

Matthew Garcia, Ph.D.

Utah Cattleman Seedstock Edition 2019 

The practice of proper visual appraisal has been instrumental to many of the improvements achieved by the beef industry over the last six decades. However, with all the tools currently available to beef producers to make selection decisions is visual appraisal still as vital in the selection process? Many would argue that with the use of centralized testing methods, EPDs, genomically enhanced EPDs, and commercial genomic testing that visual appraisal has become less important because we are actually able to better select for genomic value.

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Breeding Season Strategies from the Experts

Breeding Season Strategies from the Experts

Jacquelyn Ketchum

Sim Talk

The 2018 Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle Symposium was held in Ruidoso, New Mexico, August 29 and 30. This conference is organized by the Beef Reproduction Task Force, a multi-state extension effort with the following objectives: 1) Increase the successful implementation of protocols that synchronize estrus and ovulation in beef herds and 2) Improve the understanding of methods to assess male fertility and how it affects the success of AI programs. Attendees included producers, AI industry personnel, veterinarians and others with an interest in beef cattle reproduction.

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Top 5 Essentials of Heifer Development

Top 5 Essentials of Heifer Development

Ryon Walker, PhD

Cow Country News

Heifer development should be considered one of the easiest management components of your cow-calf herd. You’re not pushing her for gain, she is not nursing a calf yet, she doesn’t tear up fences and equipment like a herd bull, and you’re just coasting her to a target breeding weight. However, heifer development is often one of the more challenging components in any given year.

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Technologies Utilized to Determine Pregnancy in Beef Cattle

Technologies Utilized to Determine Pregnancy in Beef Cattle

Pedro L. P. Fontes, Nicola Oosthuizen, Ky G. Pohler, G. Cliff Lamb

Brangus Journal

Pregnancy diagnosis is an important part of reproductive management in productive cattle operations. Keeping a nonpregnant cow on the farm for an entire year has negative economic implications because she accrues the same cost of a pregnant cow without producing anything.

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Connecting Producers and Buyers of Added Value

Connecting Producers and Buyers of Added Value

Wes Ishmael

F&R Livestock Resource

“Once people have known value in their livestock, the next step is providing a marketing avenue so they can capture that value, whether they’re marketing calves, feeder cattle, fed cattle or breeding females,” says Randall Spare, DVM and president of Ashland Veterinary Center, Inc. at Ashland, Kansas.

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Feedlot and Carcass Data Improve Genetics, Increases Profits

Feedlot and Carcass Data Improve Genetics, Increases Profits

Jennifer Carrico

American Red Angus Magazine

Rewarding breeders for superior genetics on the rail helps improve genetics in all parts of the beef industry and has led to the development of marketing opportunities for these cattle.

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