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There’s always a cheaper way

There’s always a cheaper way

Alan Newport

Beef Producer

A few weeks ago I penned a blog/editorial I called What’s with the 20% cubes? in which I questioned why, under most conditions in warm-season grass country in winter anyone would choose to pay more for protein supplement.

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IBBA Announces New EVP!

IBBA Announces New EVP!

Jessica England


Eddy Roberts, president of the International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA), announced that Dr. Darrell Wilkes will assume the role of executive vice president of the 70-year-old Brangus cattle breed registry.   Dr. Wilkes comes with an extensive list of credentials and experience over a career that spans stints with National Cattleman’s Association (now NCBA), ABS Global and most recently running the family registered cattle operation in Wyoming, while also teaching at Eastern Wyoming College and serving on their board of trustees.

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Mycotoxins: Test and Monitor to Reduce Risk

Mycotoxins: Test and Monitor to Reduce Risk

John Maday


Mycotoxins represent a broad category of toxic agents produced by various naturally occurring fungi, mostly soil borne and environmentally dependent. Three types – aflatoxins, fumonisins and zearalenone – cause most mycotoxins in cattle, says Jim Simpson, a consulting beef cattle nutritionist who operates Simpson Nutritional Services, LLC, based in Canyon, Texas.

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SS100: Hidden revolution in beef genetics

SS100: Hidden revolution in beef genetics

Wes Ishmael

Beef Magazine

“Before, as a commercial bull buyer, you ran the risk of making incorrect bull-buying decisions if you weren’t using EPDs. That risk is now significantly greater,” says Matt Spangler, beef genetics specialist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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Choose a grass that fits your region and management

Choose a grass that fits your region and management

Chad Hale

Progressive Forage

Choosing which grass to plant can be confusing. There are multiple different species, and then varieties within the species. Mix or straight, add legume or not? This can be a complicated decision.

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Beef-on-dairy trend brings unknown value and unanswered questions

Beef-on-dairy trend brings unknown value and unanswered questions

Amy Schutte

Progressive Cattleman

When it comes to the topic of beef-on-dairy, industry experts express tentative enthusiasm amid the undercurrent of unanswered questions as dairy producers start to find new ways to add profitability to their industry.

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The ABCs of working cattle easily

The ABCs of working cattle easily

Dana Charban

Ag Daily

It can be a challenge to find good information on how to work your cattle effectively, but don’t we all want to make life a little easier? We’ve put together techniques to help you work your cattle without the hassle, and have made it as easy as learning your ABCs. These three things can make or break your cattle handling, and are just as easy to implement as they are to remember.

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How Shortening Your Calving Intervals Impacts Profitability

How Shortening Your Calving Intervals Impacts Profitability

Vita Ferm

When it comes to your cow herd’s reproductive performance, shortened calving intervals should be a proactive part of your management protocol. But, did you know that the fewer days you calve each year, the more profit potential you are looking to add back into your pocket book? There are several ways that shortening your calving period one or even two cycles can help impact profitability of your herd.

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The skinny on beef cow weight maintenance and forage intake

The skinny on beef cow weight maintenance and forage intake

Farm and Dairy

Weight gain is almost a national obsession the first few months after the new year, and while humans may be most interested in dropping pounds, cattle breeders are more concerned with helping cows maintain a good body weight at a reasonable cost.

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Neosporosis becoming an increasing problem

Neosporosis becoming an increasing problem

Bob Hough

Western Livestock Journal

The biggest driver of profitability on any commercial cow-calf operation is reproduction, and more and more producers’ cow herds are experiencing problems with abortions. Historically, the main culprit for abortions were diseases such as persistently infected BVD (bovine viral diarrhea) and leptospirosis. However, producers today are seeing increasing early-term abortions from recessive genetic defects as well as mid- to late-terms abortions from the protozoan parasite, Neospora.

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