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Bob Hough Comments on Changes at Breed Associations

Bob Hough Comments on Changes at Breed Associations

A Steak in Genomics™

Early in my career at a breed association, the much beloved American Angus breed executive told me that the secret to success running a breed association was to have a top junior program, keep the books straight, and make sure the numbers (EPDs) don’t change. This philosophy meant Angus valued stability in their genetic predictions over keeping them up-to-date with the latest science. The Angus Association also marketed extremely effectively the infallibility of their EPDs because of the size of their database.

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Getting A Cow To Accept Her Calf

Getting A Cow To Accept Her Calf

Jodi Henke

Successful Farming

When a cow gives birth, her maternal instincts should kick in so she’ll immediately tend to her baby. Unfortunately, some cows will reject their calf and not allow it to nurse.  Michelle Arnold is a ruminant extension veterinarian at the University of Kentucky. She says most behaviors of cattle are mixtures of prior experience, plus innate response.

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Educate to Prevent Needlestick Injuries

Educate to Prevent Needlestick Injuries

Bovine Veterinarian

Large-animal veterinarians, and the farm and ranch crews they train, face inherently dangerous working conditions. One of those dangers, with potentially serious or even fatal results, is injury from needles while injecting medications.

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Bridge the Gap Between Animal Welfare and Wellbeing

Bridge the Gap Between Animal Welfare and Wellbeing

Portia Stewart


You’ve seen it on the news or on social media. An activist group targets a local producer. If that’s what’s keeping you up at night, take a deep breath. Here’s help. First, says Miriam Martin, a graduate research assistant at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, producers need to confront their fears. (

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Trace Minerals Can Boost Fertility

Trace Minerals Can Boost Fertility

John Maday


Mineral status plays an important role in cattle fertility, and using an injectable mineral product could provide more consistency than dietary supplements alone. During an Academy of Veterinary Consultants (AVC) spring conference in Dallas, Kanas State University veterinarian K.C. Olson, DVM, PhD, outlined research showing effects of injectable minerals on fertility of cows and developing bulls.

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Raising cattle indoors

Raising cattle indoors

The Messenger

Five years ago, Chad and Amy Wilkerson, of rural Linden, decided to try something new on their farm. The chance they took has paid off significantly for them. “Eight years ago, we attended a calving under roof seminar at the race track in Newton and were very intrigued,” Chad Wilkerson said. “We’d been in the hog business for a long time — I worked for Murphy’s for 18 years and for Iowa Select — and thought our experience would come in handy having cows under roof.”

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History, cultures converge at annual Immokalee Cattle Drive and Jamboree

History, cultures converge at annual Immokalee Cattle Drive and Jamboree

Cynthia Williams

Fort Myers News-Press

Immokalee is an unincorporated farming and ranching community about 30 miles southeast of Fort Myers. Unless you are a native of the area or a particularly adventuresome visitor, you have probably never heard of it, much less driven through it. Because it’s on the way to nowhere, really.

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Preventing calf scours starts at conception with good management

Preventing calf scours starts at conception with good management

Dave Rethorst

Wyoming Livestock Roundup

“Our first and foremost concern with scour calves should be rehydration . More often than not, the bug causing the scours doesn’t kill the calf, but dehydration does”

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Three individuals in the cattle business weigh in on what makes an ideal donor cow

Three individuals in the cattle business weigh in on what makes an ideal donor cow

Amy Blum
Charloais Journal

A simple rule of business goes something like this: If a product or service adds value to your business, do more of it even better. In that philosophy, lies the oversimplified reason beef and dairy herds utilize embryo programs. BUT, “what makes an ideal donor cow?” remains a frequently asked question from those exploring opportunities within the embryo world.

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The State of Seedstock Marketing

The State of Seedstock Marketing

Kindra Gordon

The Hereford World

It’s an age-old question without a surefire answer: What will the world be like 10 years, 20 years or 50 years from now? And more specifically, for those of us in the cattle business, what does the future hold for our industry? What will it take to be successful in the seedstock business in the decades ahead?

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