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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 muddy observations

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 muddy observations


  1. The two-track path across the pasture is now a four-lane.
  2. There’s a little stuck, a lot stuck and all you can see of the tractor is the cab stuck.
  3. A muddy lot is a great place to take the vinegar out of your green-broke gelding — and, if it doesn’t work out, a lot softer place to land.

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Deworming Doesn’t Solve Every Problem

Deworming Doesn’t Solve Every Problem

Dr. Ken McMillan

Lately, I have had several similar cases where owners bring in a stool sample, and, when we check it, the calves are heavily infected with worms or worms and coccidia. This is a simple and economical test that is tremendously underutilized.

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Flooding Affecting Nutrition and Diets of Livestock

Flooding Affecting Nutrition and Diets of Livestock


Flooding and increased rainfall in north and central Alabama is causing major problems for livestock producers. In addition to the obvious affects, producers must also take into consideration the affects the flooding is having on the nutrition and diets of livestock.

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Tough questions to ask your cows

Tough questions to ask your cows

Amanda Radke

Beef Magazine

Calving season is in full swing at our place, and the recent blast of winter weather has made welcoming new calves to the ranch a little more labor intensive than we would prefer.

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Encourage the “Good Bugs”

Encourage the “Good Bugs”

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

As scientists learn more about the hundreds of species of microorganisms that thrive in and on animals, microbiome management could become the next giant leap in improving animal health and performance efficiency, along with food safety and quality.

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31,000 Cattle Involved in South Dakota Foreclosure

31,000 Cattle Involved in South Dakota Foreclosure

Greg Henderson


A court-appointed investigator is counting cattle and identifying owners in a multi-million dollar South Dakota foreclosure case. A multi-million dollar foreclosure case is unfolding in South Dakota and a court-appointed investigator is working to ensure the care and determine the ownership of as many as 31,000 cattle.

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3 Reasons to Support Youth who Raise Livestock

3 Reasons to Support Youth who Raise Livestock


Critics claim that raising livestock through FFA and 4-H hardens the hearts of our industry’s young people. Yet, if you have been involved in these organizations, you know it does just the opposite. Raising livestock awakens the soul and gives young people a purpose. It gives them a reason to wake up each day and be a caretaker and teaches the proper way to care for animals to ultimately deliver a safe product to the marketplace.

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