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Vitamins are part of doing the right thing

Vitamins are part of doing the right thing

Jera Pipkin

Angus Journal

Like pieces of a puzzle, vitamins are essential in keeping cattle healthy year-round. Price spikes in the last year, however, have producers taking another look at how to fit savings into concerns about source and efficacy over time.

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Crossbreeding may improve beef cattle efficiency in grazing systems

Crossbreeding may improve beef cattle efficiency in grazing systems


Animal scientists with Oklahoma State University’s Division of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources (DASNR) have long been paying attention to factors that affect cattle efficiency, and this past year, they decided to take a closer look at total calories a cow consumes relative to her calf’s weaning weight.

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Make sure your calving barn doesn’t carry a host of infections and diseases

Make sure your calving barn doesn’t carry a host of infections and diseases

Shannon Williams

Progressive Cattleman

Calving season is the beginning of our 2019 cash flow. Healthy calves on the ground lead to more cash in your pocket, while disease problems in the calving barn lead to increased expenses and less cash in your pocket.

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Top hand, top notch, top friend

Top hand, top notch, top friend

Tri State Livestock News

The agriculture industry took another hit, with the loss of an icon this week. A ringman, a salesman, a cattle buyer, a businessman, but always first, a friend, to so many, Jerry Gliko, 75, passed away on Feb. 10, 2019, in Great Falls, Montana. A Little Belt native, and Belt, Montana resident, he left behind lots of great stories, that span across many states and even into other countries.

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Tough questions to ask your cows

Tough questions to ask your cows

Amanda Radke

Beef Magazine

Despite the challenges, we much prefer calving in the winter weather compared to the spring when things start thawing and we have to contend with the mud that follows.

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Not all corn residue bales are created equal

Not all corn residue bales are created equal

Terry Klopfenstein, Mary Drewnoski and Ashley Conway

Progressive Forage

Baled corn residue is just corn residue, right? As with many things, it all depends. Baled corn residue is often a low-cost source of roughage in the Midwest. Its feed value, though, can be increased with use of selective harvest methods or ammoniation, making corn residue an even more valuable feed resource.

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Cull cow prices increasing seasonality

Cull cow prices increasing seasonality

Stillwater News Press

Boning cow prices in Oklahoma in the latest weekly data averaged $59.50/cwt., up from $58.00/cwt. the previous week. Boning cow prices have risen four consecutive weeks since mid-January. The increases are exactly as expected seasonally as cull cow prices typically increase sharply from January into February on the way to seasonal peaks in May.

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Crossbreeding for Profitability

Crossbreeding for Profitability

Rebecca Mettler

The Profit Picture

Profitability is a crucial factor for operational sustainability in the beef industry. It’s true, technological advances throughout each sector of the industry can account for leaps and bounds in added productivity and profitability. However, getting back to the basics of heterosis through the use of crossbreeding and well-managed genetic selection can offer cow-calf producers the boost in profitability needed during this volatile time.

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Creating Connections

Creating Connections

Jill Johnson

Hereford World

In life, our connections often times help define our ability. The cattle business is a massive system that depends on our participation as a community. Without those connections to each other, the system would be unable to function; something long-time Illinois Hereford breeder Arlyn Rabideau recognized early on.

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Cattle prices look similar to last year, as long as demand strength continues

Cattle prices look similar to last year, as long as demand strength continues
Wes Ishmael

F&R Livestock Resource

Consumer beef demand, both domestic and international, continues underpinning cattle and beef prices at near-steady levels year over year, despite increasing production of beef and competing meats.

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