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Baxter Black, DVM: Cowboy Cartoonists

Baxter Black, DVM:  Cowboy Cartoonists

In my life there are people with talents I admire: horse trainers, good ropers, cattle traders, backyard mechanics, welders, guitar players. A.I. technicians, farriers, purebred breeders and rough stock riders, for instance.
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Stocker Cattle Glamor

Stocker Cattle Glamor

Dr. Andrew Griffith,
University of Tennessee

It is an understatement to say the stocker cattle business is not for everyone. In actuality, very few cattle producers are cut out to be stocker cattle producers. The stocker cattle business can be good and it can be bad. The bad comes in several shapes and forms such as cattle that get sick and die, cattle that get sick and stay sick (chronics), cattle that simply do not perform as expected, and a market that moves against the producer.

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How to Properly Manage Your Bulls for a Successful Breeding Season

How to Properly Manage Your Bulls for a Successful Breeding Season

Robert Wells, Ph.D.
Noble Foundation

A successful bull program does not happen by accident and requires planning all year long rather than only thinking about the bulls just before and during the breeding season. You may know the old adage that bulls account for one-half of the genetics on each calf, for all the calves he sires. This saying infers that a bull is extremely important to the success of the breeding program.

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Hydration is important all year long

Hydration is important all year long

Trisha Gedon

High Plains Journal

Most people do not think twice about keeping themselves hydrated during the hot summer months. However, keeping your body hydrated is important all year long, even in the winter.

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Calving cold: Blizzards sped things up

Calving cold: Blizzards sped things up

Mikkel Pates


Calving came a bit earlier than planned, and right into the teeth of some of the coldest, snowiest conditions Michael Fishbach has seen. Fishbach, 45, farms with his wife Becky. They operate 2,800 acres, including alfalfa, corn, soybeans and wheat, and maintain 150 head of stock cows, which are in the midst of calving.

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Colostrum is Critical for Neonatal Calf Health and Immune System Function

Colostrum is Critical for Neonatal Calf Health and Immune System Function

Dr. Rachel Endecott


Colostrum, the first milk given by a cow following delivery of her calf, is rich in antibodies that protect the calf from invading microorganisms. These antibodies are large proteins called immunoglobulins. They, along with the milk protein casein, the milk sugar lactose, fat, and vitamins A and E are major components of colostrum


Making Heads and Tails Out of Bull Sale Data

Making Heads and Tails Out of Bull Sale Data

Tracey Koester

ARA Magazine

Each week, the mailman delivers fresh reading material to cattlemen and e-Blasts fill up inboxes with links to online catalogs, videos and sale reminders. Facebook and other social media outlets resonate with individual lot information and pre-sale activities. The influx of communication and data du ring bull sale season can be overwhelming to bull shoppers.

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