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An Open Letter to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez From a Kansas Rancher

An Open Letter to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez From a Kansas Rancher

Buzzard’s Beat

Hello Congresswoman,

You don’t know me from Adam but I’ve been following your actions for several months now; both leading up to the election and, now that you’ve taken office, even more so. I swell with pride at the sight of so many women in leadership positions in our nation’s capital and the most recent State of the Union Address highlighted the start of a new chapter in American politics; one that has women more heavily involved than ever before. That’s a great thing and I support this new normal!

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Cattle feeders should focus on improving efficiency

Cattle feeders should focus on improving efficiency

Martha Blum


Cattle feeders are in the corn conversion business to create muscle. “We smash up corn to make muscle,” said James Lowe, associate professor for veterinary clinical medicine at the University of Illinois. “We’re in the efficiency business,” Lowe said during a presentation at the Driftless Region Beef Conference, organized by the University of Illinois Extension, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and the University of Wisconsin-Extension.

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7 Contributions of Black Farmers to Agriculture

7 Contributions of Black Farmers to Agriculture

Farm Project

As technology and research have advanced in the past 200 years, the way we approach farming has changed significantly.  Countless inventions, ideas, and practices from important figures in history have increased productivity and efficiency on the farm.  In celebration of Black History month, we are highlighting seven major agricultural contributions from African American farmers, horticulturists, and inventors. Their contributions have revolutionized the way our food system functions today.

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It’s buyer’s choice in the bull market

It’s buyer’s choice in the bull market

Wes Ishmael

Beef Magazine

“I anticipate the spring market to be solid,” says David Gazda, director of field services for the American Angus Association. “As a whole, I’m encouraged the market has remained as strong as it has, given the number of bulls available.”

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What does your calving distribution look like?

What does your calving distribution look like?

Jordan Thomas

Progressive Cattleman

For most spring-calving beef producers, your herd is either calving now or will start to calve soon. Hopefully this article catches you before calving starts so you actually have time to read it – I know how busy this time of year can be. But as your calves start to come, I want you to have a metric in the back of your mind: calving distribution.

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Program Set for K-State’s 106th Annual Cattlemen’s Day on March 1.

Program Set for K-State’s 106th Annual Cattlemen’s Day on March 1.


Kansas State University’s Animal Sciences and Industry Department will host Cattlemen’s Day 2019 on Friday, March 1 at Weber Hall in Manhattan. Dr. Brad Morgan, Performance Food Group senior director of protein, will kick off the event by discussing the potential for plant-sourced “meat” and laboratory-produced “meat” to take market share from the meat industry.

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Ensure young bull success as herd sires after the sale.

Ensure young bull success as herd sires after the sale.

Dr. Rachel Endecott


You’ve gone through the sale catalog, pored over videos of the offering, walked through the pens on sale day, and now you’re the successful bidder on a new bull or bulls for your operation. The work shouldn’t end there. What can you do to ensure your new purchases provide return on your investment?

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Source and Age Verification Leads to More Marketing Opportunities

Source and Age Verification Leads to More Marketing Opportunities

American Gelbvieh Association

The Profit Picture

The Source and Age Verification (SAV) program has been in practice in the beef industry since 2004, and continues to play an important role in adding value for U.S. beef producers. SAV programs also offer buyers a level of certainty to a feeder calf purchase during a time in history where data and a knowledge is becoming much more important.

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Progress in Pounds

Progress in Pounds

Kayla Jennings

Hereford World

A walk outside this time of year lends itself to subzero temperatures and a much-needed warm drink in a gloved hand. Snow becomes a mainstay, and memories of the lush, green pasture from last summer disappear as quickly as the short days of winter. Indeed, this time of year in Forsyth, Mont. — with harsh winters and predators on the prowl — is no easy ride.

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Old and new tools add value to AI heifers

Old and new tools add value to AI heifers

Wes Ishmael

F&R Livestock Resource

“We can change the calving date significantly to better fit the environment, get easy calving and still have as many or more pounds at weaning,” says Tim Olson of CATL Resources at St. Onge, South Dakota. He’s talking about using estrus synchronization and breeding heifers via artificial insemination (AI), in order to manage the calving season, along with the associated labor and resources.

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