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Heterosis and its Impact

Heterosis and its Impact

Grady Ruble

South Dakota State University

Dr. Robbi Pritchard compared replacement females to corn farming in a recent producer meeting. His point being grain farmers don’t plant conventional corn when there are hybrid varieties that offer greater production potential, so why are we trending toward largely straight-bred cow herds and passing on the benefits of heterosis?

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Arctic freeze and government thaw

Arctic freeze and government thaw

Derrell S. Peel

Progressive Cattleman

Extreme cold temperatures and heavy snow is gripping much of the eastern half of the country this week. From eastern Montana, across the Great Lakes and the Midwest to the East Coast and the Southeast, wind, snow and winter mix will likely impact cattle, travel and a host of markets.

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American Angus releases PAP EPDs

American Angus releases PAP EPDs

Dr. Bob Hough

Western Livestock Journal

The American Angus Association has released EPDs (expected progeny differences) from their research analysis on pulmonary arterial pressure (PAP), which is used as an indicator trait for pulmonary hypertension in cattle managed at high altitude. The Angus Association’s release of the new EPD is in response to members’ needs who manage cattle at elevation.

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Is Creep Feeding Beef Calves Profitable?

Is Creep Feeding Beef Calves Profitable?

Devin Broadhead, Matt Stockton

 Successful beef calf producers continually search for ways to improve their operation and bottom-line. Creep feeding calves to increase their market weight is one strategy. To be profitable, the costs of the added weight gain must be less than the value of that gain. Many factors contribute to a calf’s weaning weight, i.e. nutrition, genetics, age at weaning, environmental conditions and so forth.

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This Winter Has Been Tough on Cows!

This Winter Has Been Tough on Cows!

Mark Landefeld,

Ohio Beef Letter

Timid animals may not always get enough nutrients even though we are providing them. Our calculations could be wrong also. We hear about so many 1000-1200 pound cows, but there are very few of them at my place.

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Meat Labeling Bill Could Reinstate COOL

Meat Labeling Bill Could Reinstate COOL

Northern AG

The Northern Plains Resource Council, a grassroots family agriculture organization, helped secure the passage of a Montana law requiring country-of-origin placarding in 2005. Montana’s COOL legislation was designed to sunset if a federal law were passed requiring country-of-origin labeling, which occurred in 2009. However, that federal law was repealed in 2015, leaving Montanans uncertain about where their beef and pork comes from.

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EPA Unveils New WOTUS Rule

EPA Unveils New WOTUS Rule

Iowa Cattleman

On December 11 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a new water rule designed to replace the over-reaching and illegal 2015 Waters of the U.S. Rule. ICA President David Trowbridge issued the following statement in response:

“EPA’s proposed new WOTUS rule is encouraging, and the agency’s work to repeal and replace the 2015 rule is appreciated by Iowa’s cattlemen. This is an important step forward in replacing the onerous and illegal rule with a definition that protects producers’ property rights and provides clarity while also safeguarding our water. The proposed rule reflects the important strides forward our association has made with EPA to help them understand the impact their rules have on Iowa’s independent, progressive cattlemen.”

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