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The Coming Meat Wars

The Coming Meat Wars

Jayson Lusk


Much has been made on Twitter and other places about the size of the small meat and animal product proportions suggested (e.g., 1/4 egg per day), and the fact that more added sugar is suggested than most meat products.  Rather, than going line-by-line through the report, I think it’s useful to take a step back and see this report as another front in what seems to be an escalating war on meat and animal food products (recall the debate surrounding the scientific advisory report on dietary guidelines back in 2015? Here were my thoughts then). What I thought I’d do in response is to provide some broader thoughts about some of the debates that have arisen about meat consumption.

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Cleaning and reusing medical equipment for cattle

Cleaning and reusing medical equipment for cattle

Drs. Mark and Dana Bergen

Canadian Cattlemen

Having a well-managed cattle herd inevitably involves giving them veterinary medical care from time to time. This includes preventative measures such as vaccination and deworming as well as treating sick animals. Most cattle producers through experience, training, and input from their veterinarian are fairly comfortable with providing this care to their cattle.

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Managing Cattle Through Winter Weather Conditions

Managing Cattle Through Winter Weather Conditions

Bill Halfman
Winter weather conditions often present challenges to cattle managers in the Northern Plains (and upper Midwest). Although we can’t alter the weather, there are management steps that can be taken to help maintain cattle health and performance.

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Livestock grazing helps California tackle wildfire

Livestock grazing helps California tackle wildfire

Jeannette E. Warnert

Green Blog

“Cattle can control brush,” said Lynn Huntsinger, UC Cooperative Extension specialist at UC Berkeley in a presentation on brush management. She discussed research she conducted in the early 1980s to understand the role of cattle in Sierra Nevada brush control.

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The role vitamins play in colostrum quality

The role vitamins play in colostrum quality

Adele Harty

Progressive Cattleman

Cow-calf producers understand the importance of colostrum in calf health and performance, but the roles vitamin A and E play in colostrum quality are less known. Neither vitamin A nor E cross the placenta in amounts high enough to meet requirements of newborn calves, which increases the importance of recognizing seasonal changes in forage vitamin concentration, the role vitamins play in colostrum quality and the importance of supplementation.

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What’s the most economical month for calving?

What’s the most economical month for calving?

Justin Sexton

Beef Magazine

Cows calve in all kinds of conditions and in all kinds of weather. As has been pointed out more times than can be counted, there’s not much you can do about the weather. But there are a number of things you can do about the options you and your cows have for where the calves are born.

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Tips for Grazing Rotations and Multispecies Grazing

Tips for Grazing Rotations and Multispecies Grazing

Mitch Kezar

Successful Farming

If rancher Dan Anderson has learned any lesson the past couple of years, it probably would be titled, “Give It A Rest.” That doesn’t apply to humans, livestock, or cattle dogs; it applies to grass. By learning to give his grass a rest, Anderson’s ranch is undergoing a transformation.

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Docility EPD Added to the Suite of Gelbvieh and Balancer EPDs

Docility EPD Added to the Suite of Gelbvieh and Balancer EPDs


The American Gelbvieh Association (AGA) released the BOLT-powered docility expected progeny difference (EPD) in January 2019. This is the latest update to the extensive suite of EPDs used to accurately describe registered Gelbvieh and Balancer cattle.

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Legacy ranching, quality genetics among concerns identified in Arkansas beef industry assessment

Legacy ranching, quality genetics among concerns identified in Arkansas beef industry assessment

Ryan McGeeney

High Plains Journal

The 2018 Arkansas Beef Industry Assessment, developed and administered by the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture and the Arkansas Beef Council, included responses from more than 330 cattle producers in six industry sectors.

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Kentucky is missing chance to beef up its rural economy

Kentucky is missing chance to beef up its rural economy

Kris O’Daniel

Lexington Herald Leader

Getting involved in farming in Kentucky seemed a natural option, after I retired from extensive traveling on the other side of the globe.  I didn’t hesitate and soon I was dividing a growing black angus herd into fall and spring calving, selecting great bulls, ear-tagging, banding bull calves, selecting good looking heifers and saving calves in tough winters.  That’s how I learned to milk by hand and that beef cattle kick real hard.

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