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Soil Fertility and Good Feed – That’s Why Greg Judy Unrolls Hay

Soil Fertility and Good Feed – That’s Why Greg Judy Unrolls Hay

Greg Judy

On Pasture

Back in 1999 when we first started leasing idle land for grazing that needed serious fertility, I designed my first bale unroller. We had all these old farms that had been stripped of their fertility by folks continuously haying them every year without putting back any nutrients. We did not have any money to fertilize anything, so we custom grazed other folks cattle and wintered their cows on our newly leased soil bankrupted farms. The cattle owners bought the hay, we unrolled it for their cows across our worn out farms.

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Red Angus Association equips stock show exhibitors for the show ring and pasture

Red Angus Association equips stock show exhibitors for the show ring and pasture

High Plains Journal

The Red Angus Association of America recently announced an innovative new publication connecting the show ring and the beef industry. “Buckle & Banner” is a quarterly online publication with an emphasis on Red Angus shows, juniors and breed education. This new publication highlights cattle exhibitions and related topics through creative editorial, while still staying connected to broader association issues that are the driving force behind the beef industry and the Red Angus breed.

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NCBA President-Elect Jennifer Houston Predicts Vindication as Lawsuit Against Checkoff Progresses

NCBA President-Elect Jennifer Houston Predicts Vindication as Lawsuit Against Checkoff Progresses

Oklahoma Farm Report

“In legal terms, we’re early in the process. We do feel certain when the actual facts of the case come out – we’ll get a good decision,” Houston said. “We stand with our state beef councils. That’s the way the order was written. That’s the way farmers and ranchers wanted it back in 1986 and I think that is still the way they want it.”

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Antimicrobial stewardship for cow-calf producers

Antimicrobial stewardship for cow-calf producers

Myriah Johnson

The Cattle Business Weekly

What is antimicrobial stewardship? Is it different from antibiotic stewardship, or judicious use of antibiotics? All of these words seem to be popping up frequently in the media, but what do they actually mean to us as cow-calf producers? An antimicrobial is something that destroys or inhibits the growth of microorganisms but causes little or no damage to the host. The term “antimicrobial” is broad and encompasses microbes such as bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi.

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Rotating pastures to reduce scours in calves

Rotating pastures to reduce scours in calves

Mona Howe

Canadian Cattlemen

Solid herd management practices mitigate the threat of a scours outbreak. While rotating calves through pastures is less common than some of the more obvious measures taken, those who do use it swear by its effectiveness.

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Suggestions for balanced winter rations for beef cattle

Suggestions for balanced winter rations for beef cattle

Peter Vitti


Good-quality forage for beef cows is in short supply this winter and the price of grain is still relatively expensive across Western Canada. The good news is well-balanced rations still can be put together for late-gestation beef cows to prepare them for a good calving season.

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Beef’s environmental impact lower than perceived

Beef’s environmental impact lower than perceived


A new study published recently in the journal Agricultural Systems is the most comprehensive beef cattle life-cycle assessment ever completed. In the report, titled “Environmental Footprints of Beef Cattle Production in the United States,” the researchers found that widely accepted measures related to beef cattle’s impact in the U.S. are often overestimated.

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