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FDA Concerned About Dewormer Resistance

FDA Concerned About Dewormer Resistance

Maureen Hanson

Bovine Veterinarian

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is calling on manufacturers of animal dewormers to voluntarily modify their product labels.  According to an FDA-issued press release, the request is being issued in an effort to preserve the effectiveness of drugs intended to treat certain internal parasites in livestock and horses. The agency would like the labels to include more information on antiparasitic resistance.

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Your upcoming calf crop is two things: Revenue and Food

Your upcoming calf crop is two things: Revenue and Food

University of Georgia

First, on the revenue side, we have discussed the importance of pre-conditioning and health protocols numerous times.  Although there are many vaccine protocols and weaning management strategies that exist, it is prudent to look at those successful marketing options in your area and ask for their pre-sale protocol well in advance of weaning day.

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Managing Limited Hay Supplies

Managing Limited Hay Supplies

Dr. Jeff Lehmkuhler

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Determine hay needs – Hay needed to overwinter a cow can be estimated relatively easily. If you know the mature weights of your cows, multiply the average weight by 3% and then by the expected number of days you will feed hay.

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Seedstock Operation Relies on Minerals, Protein to get Cows Rebred

Seedstock Operation Relies on Minerals, Protein to get Cows Rebred


The mother cow is the foundation of a profitable cow-calf enterprise. Making sure she gets bred, delivers and weans a calf each year is critical for her to maintain her position in the herd. But she can’t do it alone. Progressive cattle producers like Kevin Jensen, Courtland, Kan., know the importance of taking care of those mama cows year-round. For Jensen, that care starts with a high-quality nutrition program.

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Border Ranchers Extend Invite to Nancy Pelosi

Border Ranchers Extend Invite to Nancy Pelosi

Fox News

Two Arizona ranchers want Congress to wake up to the dangers of the growing illegal immigration crisis along the southwest border, and they’re inviting House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to take a tour along the porous border their ranches straddle with Mexico.

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3 producers share advice on ranch transition

3 producers share advice on ranch transition

Progressive Cattleman

Cassidy Woolsey

Everyone’s road to ranch succession is a little different. Some may get a flat tire along the way; some may cruise down a dirt road only hitting a few minor bumps; and others, well, they totally neglect to fill up the tank.

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Meet Jim Chilton, the Rancher Who Shared the Stage with Trump

Meet Jim Chilton, the Rancher Who Shared the Stage with Trump

John Herath


Jim Chilton didn’t expect to find himself face-to-face with President Donald Trump, much less on a stage in front of more than 7,000 farmers and ranchers. But once there, he didn’t hesitate to seize hold of the moment.

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