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Baxter Black, DVM: Prejudice

Baxter Black, DVM:  Prejudice

Prejudice is a funny thing. When a city slicker or a dude comes meanderin’ into the Montana bar in Glasgow he’s liable to get a lot of hard stares. But, I’m here to tell ya, when the shoe’s on the other foot, it can be mighty uncomfortable.

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Reducing Cattle Cold Stress

Reducing Cattle Cold Stress

Russ Euken

The Stock Exchange

Cold winter weather reminds us all of the dangers of cold stress on warm-blooded animals like humans and cattle. Humans know adding layers of clothing will help reduce cold and limit exposures when wind speeds result in dangerous wind-chill conditions. Cattle are not so lucky. They will seek protection from wind and precipitation when it is available, but often their options are limited. Good managers can help.

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50 Years of Germ Plasm Studies at US MARC

50 Years of Germ Plasm Studies at US MARC

Dr. Bob Hough

Western Livestock Journal

The success of U.S. ranching depends on savvy business people knowing how best to utilize the various breeds available to them. Taking advantage of the differences in these breeds allows managers to take optimum advantage of breed complementarity and heterosis. Therefore, it is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of breeds, and how they have changed over time.

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National Western Stock Show celebrates “Year of Yards” as big changes loom for Denver institution

National Western Stock Show celebrates “Year of Yards” as big changes loom for Denver institution

Joe Rubino

The Denver Post

The year was 1906, and there was no rodeo in sight. In the inaugural year of the National Western Stock Show, any display of roping and riding skill was still 25 years away. There was no food court hocking giant turkey legs, either.

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HERD program benefits beef cattle producers

HERD program benefits beef cattle producers

Doug Walker

Rome News Tribune

Despite the fact that full-time beef cattle producers are a dwindling segment of the farm population, beef cows represent an $8 million industry in Floyd County. The most recent data available from 2016 shows that Floyd County ranks No. 7 among all of the counties in Georgia in terms of beef cattle production with a value estimated at $8.29 million.

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Cattle fertility is what ultimately pays the bills

Cattle fertility is what ultimately pays the bills

Rick Nelson

Enid News & Eagle

A calf that is never born will never be sold. The truth of that statement is obvious to the point of ridiculousness. It is the foundation of every decision a beef producer makes regarding the basic management philosophy of their operation.

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Why Did The Cow Cross The Border?

Why Did The Cow Cross The Border?

Sarah Gonzalez, Jason Beaubien

NPR: Planet Money

Lately, we’ve been nerding out about cattle. Specifically, about this one particular set of facts. Every year, the United States exports 500 million tons of beef to Mexico. But every year, the United States imports 500 million tons of beef from Mexico.

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Yet another prediction for the beef business in 2019

Yet another prediction for the beef business in 2019

Burt Rutherford

Beef Magazine

One of the favorite things that ag economists and folks in the writin’ business like to do around this time of year is to look back at the year that was and predict what will happen during the year that will be. We’re sometimes wrong, but that hasn’t stopped us before and isn’t likely to slow us down anytime soon.

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Trends in feeding cost of gain

Trends in feeding cost of gain

Michael Langemeier

Progressive Cattleman

Feeding cost of gain is one of the most important factors explaining changes in cattle finishing. The recent volatility in corn prices leads to questions regarding the impact of lower or higher corn prices on feeding cost of gain. In addition to corn prices, feeding cost of gain is impacted by changes in forage prices and animal performance.

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Yes, There’s a Camp Brisket at Texas A&M

Yes, There’s a Camp Brisket at Texas A&M

Sarah Ramsey

Wide Open Eats

There’s a rock and roll camp, a space camp, and all sorts of fantasy sports camps. Any kind of camp that gives adults the chance to learn a new skill or get an immersion in a kind of life that’s only accessible to a few is out there. There are even a few camps that send you home stuffed with both knowledge and food, but few of them have the stature of Camp Brisket.

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