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Ranching in the Future – What Should Young Ranchers Expect?

Ranching in the Future – What Should Young Ranchers Expect?

John Marble

On Pasture

Fundamentally, the ranches of 100 years ago were founded on using land to grow grass and cattle. Land values were tied intimately to productive value of the land and the then-current values of the cattle market. And so, our ancestors built successful ranches.

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Keep your cow herd management sharp during mid-winter

Keep your cow herd management sharp during mid-winter

Dr. Bob Hough

Western Livestock Journal

As producers’ cow herds enter the last third of gestation, it is important not to get lax on management. This is because what is done now will have a direct impact on a successful calving season that produces healthy calves.

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Female Ranchers Are Reclaiming the American West

Female Ranchers Are Reclaiming the American West

Amy Chozick

New York Times

Hundreds of years before John Wayne and Gary Cooper gave us a Hollywood version of the American West, with men as the brute, weather-beaten stewards of the land, female ranchers roamed the frontier. They were the indigenous, Navajo, Cheyenne and other tribes, and Spanish-Mexican rancheras, who tended and tamed vast fields, traversed rugged landscapes with their dogs, hunted, and raised livestock.

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Not feeding pregnant cows enough protein can have serious consequences.

Not feeding pregnant cows enough protein can have serious consequences.

Ellen Crawford

North Dakota State University

Underfeeding protein to stock cows through their winter gestation has serious consequences, a North Dakota State University Extension livestock expert warns.

“If insufficient protein and nitrogen are provided and degraded in the rumen, forage digestion will be reduced and the cow may not meet caloric needs and lose weight,” says John Dhuyvetter, Extension livestock systems specialist at the North Central Research Extension Center near Minot, N.D. “Furthermore, the developing fetus may be undernourished, impacting development, vigor and survival at birth, and future outcomes. Both colostrum and milk quality and quantity can suffer.”

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Scrotal frostbite in bulls can impair fertility

Scrotal frostbite in bulls can impair fertility

Heather Smith Thomas

The Fence Post

Cold, windy weather can result in bull infertility the next breeding season. Scrotal frostbite can temporarily or permanently affect fertility, depending upon severity of freezing — causing testicle damage and semen deterioration.

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Trump farm bailout money will go to Brazilian-owned meatpacking firm, USDA says

Trump farm bailout money will go to Brazilian-owned meatpacking firm, USDA says

Jeff Stein

The Washington Post

U.S. taxpayers will buy about $5 million in pork products from a Brazilian-owned meatpacking firm under President Trump’s bailout program, which was designed to help American farmers hurt by the administration’s trade war, according to documents released Wednesday.

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Increasing economic efficiency with genomics

Increasing economic efficiency with genomics

Wes Ishmael

Beef Magazine

A thousand days here, a thousand days there, and pretty soon you’re talking some real time. That’s how long it takes to feed and see the results of a replacement heifer’s first progeny. That’s why Ryan Noble of Noble Ranch LLC at Yuma, Colo., used genomics to help identify replacement heifer prospects most likely to merit the investment.

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Securing Border Ranches

Securing Border Ranches

Wyatt Bechtel


The U.S. border with Mexico spans 1,954 miles, and ranchers are on the front lines for most of it. For the past few decades, border enforcement and security has increased to halt illegal immigration and drug smuggling. In 1989, construction on the first major border fence began in San Diego stretching 46 miles east.

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Worried about the future of animal ag? Read this.

Worried about the future of animal ag? Read this.

Sadie Lacey

Animal Engage

During one of my many binges of the podcast, I came across an episode with a quick discussion about the millennial generation that grabbed my attention. Unexpectedly, the guest on the show praised the individuals who belong to this generation.  This came as a shock to me as I hardly like to associate myself with my generation, but that quick conversation triggered a different thought process.

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The impact of climate change on extensive and intensive livestock production systems

The impact of climate change on extensive and intensive livestock production systems

Jean M Rust

Animal Frontiers

The majority of animal scientists and livestock producers are fully aware and accept that the livestock production sector contributes to factors causing climate change and that in turn livestock production will also be affected by climate change. These effects will be both direct and indirect (Houghton et al., 2001).

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