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Forages for Grass-Fed Beef Production

Forages for Grass-Fed Beef Production

Dr. Gary Bates

University of Tennessee

Success grass-fed beef production is dependent on several factors.  Often producers will focus on cattle issues such as calf health and marketing.  But often minimizing feed cost and optimizing average daily gain are two factors that are not considered as much as they should be.  These are two factors that can have huge influences over whether an operation makes or loses money.  One way to positively influence both of these factors is through a good forage program.

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Is your cowherd prepared this winter?

Is your cowherd prepared this winter?

Lacey Newlin

High Plains Journal

For us, a cold winter night is improved by a toasty fireplace and something warm to eat. For cowherds, especially when cows begin to calve, winter can be uncomfortable if cattlemen are not checking off all the winter preparedness boxes. David Lalman, professor and Extension beef cattle specialist at Oklahoma State University, says what cattlemen do between now and calving will directly impact next year’s calf crop and pregnancy rate.

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Glynn Tonsor Predicts Potentially Profitable Year for Cow/Calf Sector

Glynn Tonsor Predicts Potentially Profitable Year for Cow/Calf Sector

Oklahoma Farm Report

Among those who follow the cattle markets, there is universal concern about exactly what is going to be happening over the next week or so in regard to the ongoing partial government shutdown. The inability of Congress and President Trump to agree on the terms of a new spending bill, has resulted in nearly one-fourth of the federal government to be furloughed until such time this political impasse can be resolved.

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Tri-State Cow/Calf Symposium this February

Tri-State Cow/Calf Symposium this February

The Cattle Business Weekly

Tri-State Cow/Calf Symposium will be held at the Wesleyan Church in Imperial Nebraska on February 8 with registration at 9:00 AM and the program starting at 9:30.  The program was developed by Extension Educators and Specialists from Colorado State University, Kansas State University and the University of Nebraska.  The emphasis of this symposium is Strategies for Success.

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Calving Seasons of the Mind

Calving Seasons of the Mind

Justin Sexten, Ph.D.

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

Winter came early for much of cow-calf country, and now calving season is at the gate. Even those who call it “spring calving” often start in January, but if you’re not out checking a heifer, this is a good time of year to catch up on reading. Calving dates and “housing” options for the herd were explored in a 2019 Nebraska Beef Report article by Terry Klopfenstein and others, who evaluated March, June, or August calving dates on the range, or two July calving systems in year-round confinement or in semi-confinement with grazed corn stalks from fall to April weaning.

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Preparing for Calving

Preparing for Calving

Aaron Berger

University of Nebraska

For some the calving season is almost upon us, while for others, the start of the calving season is still a few months away.  The following are practices to consider in preparing for the upcoming calving season.

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Flashing lights may protect livestock by deterring predators

Flashing lights may protect livestock by deterring predators


In the U.S., some ranchers worry about wolf attacks on their livestock as the native predator is reintroduced to more areas, according to information from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. However, for livestock owners in Chile, wolves are not the potential threat; pumas are.

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Texas Man Held On $1 Million Bond For Alleged Cattle Theft

Texas Man Held On $1 Million Bond For Alleged Cattle Theft

Greg Henderson

A Texas man is in custody in the Hill County, Texas, jail in lieu of $1 million bond after being charged with livestock theft. More charges are expected this week as three more felony charges will be introduced.  William “Willie” Rittenbaugh, 47, of Mt. Calm, Tex., appeared before Judge Lee Harris, in Hillsboro, Texas’, 66th District Court, for initial arraignment.

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Plastic Disease: Another reminder to remove net-wrap

Plastic Disease: Another reminder to remove net-wrap

Heather Smith Thomas

Beef Magazine

Cattle often ingest foreign objects because they eat hurriedly and wad in a lot of feed at once. Or it may be that they’re just curious. This is why they are vulnerable to hardware disease — nails, staples, wire or other metal pieces that end up in feed and then in the rumen.

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Two Advanced Calving Clinics Planned for Eastern Iowa

Two Advanced Calving Clinics Planned for Eastern Iowa

Iowa Beef Center

Dairy and beef producers are invited to attend one of two advanced calving clinics in early February in Maquoketa and Independence. Iowa State University Extension beef specialist Denise Schwab said anyone who attends will learn something new at the clinic regardless of experience with calving out cows.

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