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Great Lakes Professional Cattle Feeding and Marketing Short-course

Great Lakes Professional Cattle Feeding and Marketing Short-course

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

The 2019 Great Lakes Professional Cattle Feeding and Marketing Short-course is a joint effort of Ohio State University Extension, Michigan State University, and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture to enhance the cattle industry in the Eastern Corn Belt.

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The accumulating impacts and costs of trade wars

The accumulating impacts and costs of trade wars

Derrell S. Peel


Evolving market dynamics make it easy to underestimate how the impacts and costs of trade issues will continue to grow in 2019. Many agricultural markets have been impacted thus far and the damage will grow and spread unless resolutions are forthcoming promptly. Trade issues will have accumulating impacts in a variety of ways as more time passes.

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Get Orphan Calves Off to a Good Start

Get Orphan Calves Off to a Good Start

Dr. Ken McMillan

Passive immunity is the key to raising any calf and is even more critical in an orphan calf. Passive immunity in calves comes entirely from the dam’s colostrum. In most cases with orphans, you have to feed the calf the colostrum it needs.

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Frost seeding gives pastures a head start

Frost seeding gives pastures a head start

Jerry Hall

Tri State Livestock News

Even though the ground may be frozen or covered with snow where you live, the turn of the year means it is time to seriously start mapping out your spring and summer forage plan. This also means it’s the perfect time to think about dormant seeding hay, silage and pastureland with a legume.

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How to choose a portable cattle handling system

How to choose a portable cattle handling system

Dana Charban,

Ag Daily

When working cattle in multiple locations, a portable cattle handling system can be an excellent addition to your operation. A portable system allows you to bring your equipment to the cattle, rather than the other way around, which can drastically decrease your processing times.

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BIF Genetic Prediction: Genetic Evaluation at the American Hereford Association

BIF Genetic Prediction: Genetic Evaluation at the American Hereford Association

Shane Bedwell

A Steak in Genomics™

Today is the 1 year plus 2 day anniversary of AHA’s switch to single-step. This is the North American Hereford Genetic Evaluation including AHA and Canadian Hereford Association. They are currently working with Uruguay and Argentina are in the process of switching to the single-step approach. Part of the process was building a fully automated genomic pipeline to run the genetic evaluation weekly. They have been very happy with the quality controls measures that were built into this pipeline.

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Limousin Visionary, Leader Gene Raymond Passes

Limousin Visionary, Leader Gene Raymond Passes

Gene Raymond, his father, and brother were engaged in a large farming, hog and cattle cooperation in Anderson County where they reside today. Gene, a K-State graduate, was actively involved in judging throughout Kansas and other state and he also worked as a teacher at the Graham School. The Raymond family: Gene, Virginia and the girls Diane, Stacy and Kathy enjoyed showing Limousin cattle and participating in events at the county, state and national level. Gene had been actively involved in the state association. He was elected to the KLBA Board of Directors in 1979 and provided leadership in a variety of offices. He is a lifetime member of the Heartland Limousin Association and a member of the North American Limousin Foundation. Gene served two terms on the NALF Board of Directors and was president in 1986-1987. According to Gene, What he remembers most about the early days raising Limousin are the fun times they had with other breeders at state events like the Sunflower Expo held each fall in Topeka. Credit Kansas Limousin Hall of Fame

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So What if I Can’t Get Distillers Grains?

So What if I Can’t Get Distillers Grains?

Karla H. Jenkins

University of Nebraska

In recent months, the shortened supply of distillers grains has reduced the amount many producers have access to, and increased the price of that which is available. This has led many producers to evaluate what their supplement options are.

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Protein Supplementation To Get The Most Out Of Low-Quality Forages

Protein Supplementation To Get The Most Out Of Low-Quality Forages


At the beginning of hay season, we often have high expectations about the upcoming year, with hopes for both good-quality and abundant forage yields. Unfortunately, as the season progresses, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate, and the result is often of lower quality — and sometimes quantity — than anticipated.

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Increasing economic efficiency with genomics

Increasing economic efficiency with genomics

Wes Ishmael

Beef Magazine

A thousand days here, a thousand days there, and pretty soon you’re talking some real time. That’s how long it takes to feed and see the results of a replacement heifer’s first progeny. That’s why Ryan Noble of Noble Ranch LLC at Yuma, Colo., used genomics to help identify replacement heifer prospects most likely to merit the investment.

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