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Holiday demand spikes will pass, middle-meat values to decline.

Holiday demand spikes will pass, middle-meat values to decline.

Paul Dykstra

Angus Beef Bulletin

The second half of December marks the end of the holiday run on middle meats, along with seasonally wider price spreads between quality grades and the premium brands. We can classify demand spikes for the more richly marbled carcasses relatively easily by the four quarters of the year, as those demand periods happen to fall nicely within the quarterly calendar segments.

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WalMart and 44 Farms: What it means to you

WalMart and 44 Farms: What it means to you

Nevil Speer

Beef Magazine

Aside from Santa and his eight tiny reindeer, there were a number of reasons for the fed cattle market to end the year on a high note. Continued strong beef demand, winter weather throughout much of the cattle feeding belt and current feedyards are a few. Combining all the end-of-year factors, the feedlot cattle trades were $3 to $4 per cwt higher, especially late week in the Southern Plains.

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2019 New Year’s Resolution – Get an Estate Plan Checkup!

2019 New Year’s Resolution – Get an Estate Plan Checkup!

Cari Rincker Esq.

Rincker Law PLLC

If you don’t already have an estate plan, then getting one in place should be at the top of your 2019 new year’s resolutions.  Why?  Because without an estate plan, you and your property may end up in a court-supervised guardianship if you become incapacitated, and your property and your loved ones may end up in probate court after you die.

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Retiring to new research career, Dickinson’s Kris Ringwall goes north

Retiring to new research career, Dickinson’s Kris Ringwall goes north

Mikkel Pates


Editors Note: We linked to Kris’s BeefTalk Column for at least 8 years each Friday. We wish Krish the best in his new position.

Kris Ringwall retired from North Dakota State University Extension as director of the Dickinson Research and Extension Center on Oct. 30 and the next day started a new career at the University of Saskatchewan.  On Nov. 1, Ringwall, 65, become the director of the new, $38 million Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence at the University of Saskatchewan. It is a new research, teaching and industry center—a collaboration between the College of Agriculture and Bioresources and the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. It has a budget nearly five-times the size of the Dickinson station, Ringwall said.

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Beef Exports Add Value for Producers

Beef Exports Add Value for Producers

Cattlemen’s Beef Board

The old adage goes: “It’s a great big world out there.” When it comes to beef export markets, did you know the United States exports to more than 80 countries? And, did you know those efforts to promote your product overseas add value back to your operation? To put it into perspective, as of August 2018, value per head for fed slaughter was valued at $318.66, according to data released by USDA and compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF)

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Calf health and vaccinations are not synonymous

Calf health and vaccinations are not synonymous

Laura Conaway

Beef Magazine

In the military, just because you give a soldier a rifle doesn’t mean he or she is ready to go to battle. Likewise, in the cattle business, just because you gave them a shot doesn’t mean you have completed your obligation to produce healthy calves.

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The Beef Industry Miracle

The Beef Industry Miracle

Derrell Peel


As we wrap up 2018, it’s worth a moment to pause and consider the amazing day to day performance and accomplishments of the U.S. cattle and beef industry. Beef production in 2018 is projected to total nearly 27 billion pounds of beef products resulting from the slaughter of 33 million head of cattle.

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