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Tips to Control Body Temps in Adverse Weather

Tips to Control Body Temps in Adverse Weather

Sure Champ

From an outsider looking in, the life of a show animal might seem pretty pampered. Two healthy meals per day, unlimited fresh water, a nice bed to lay on that is generally cleaned up on a regular basis, typically in a temperature-controlled environment. Combine those comforts with regular skin and hair treatments by way of rinsing, washing, brushing and conditioning, and show animals do live a good life. But, for an animal with a thick “fur” coat that divides its time between the chilly outdoors and inside a barn, battling heat stress in winter months can have a greater impact because of the dramatic fluctuation in temperatures.

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ELD requirements for livestock haulers will remain suspended during shutdown

ELD requirements for livestock haulers will remain suspended during shutdown

Mark Dorenkamp

Brownfield Network

Electronic Logging Device requirements for livestock haulers will remain suspended during the government shutdown. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says drivers hauling livestock and insects can continue to run on paper logs and without an ELD until further notice.

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New Year’s resolutions for ranching families

New Year’s resolutions for ranching families

Amanda Radke


Data from a recent poll conducted by Statista reveals the most popular resolutions, which include: save money (53 percent), lose weight/get in shape (45 percent), have more sex (25 percent), travel more (24 percent), read more books (23 percent), learn a new skill or hobby (22 percent), buy a house (21percent), quit smoking (16 percent) and find love (15 percent).

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Wheat Straw Can Help Keep Cows Full

Wheat Straw Can Help Keep Cows Full

John Dhuyvetter,

Cattle producers should consider feeding wheat straw to keep cows full and prepared for winter, according to a North Dakota State University Extension livestock expert. “Cows, as large ruminants, need a lot of feed to fill them up and keep them full,” says John Dhuyvetter, Extension livestock systems specialist at the North Central Research Extension Center near Minot, N.D.

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10 Penny-Pinching Tips for Feeding Cows

10 Penny-Pinching Tips for Feeding Cows

Gene Johnston

Successful Farming

How much feed does a beef cow need to get through the winter? Probably less than you think, says Mary Drewnoski, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension beef specialist.

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Improving Beef Cattle Genetic Evaluations

Improving Beef Cattle Genetic Evaluations

Multi-State Research Fund Imacts

The U.S. is the largest producer of beef in the world, but environmental, economic, social, and technological changes present challenges and opportunities for the industry. Selective breeding can enhance traits that improve economic viability, international competitiveness, and sustainability and ensure affordable, high-quality beef for consumers.

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Researchers Collaborate to Empower a New Breed of Cattle Producer

Researchers Collaborate to Empower a New Breed of Cattle Producer

Media Planet

Canada is home to more than 60,000 cattle ranches and farms, as well as a modern cattle-feeding industry. Collectively, these farmers, ranchers and feedlot operators produce beef that is recognized globally for its wholesomeness and quality. Canada is the sixth largest beef exporting country in the world.

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