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A true Grand Champion

A true Grand Champion

Melissa Nichols

Progressive Cattleman

Case Beken, a 14-year-old boy from Weimer, Texas, grew up blind after battling a brain tumor as a toddler but never let his lack of sight hold him back, learning how to hunt and fish and enjoy life to the fullest. This past year, Beken started raising a steer to show at the county fair. He and the Charolais steer he named Casper spent a lot of time together, as any cattle-showing kid knows, feeding and walking Casper and training him to perform in the ring.

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Getting perennial pastures back into shape

Getting perennial pastures back into shape

Emily Thompson

High Plains Journal

Perennial pastures that have been in use for many years are prone to weed problems, disappearance of the base forage in certain areas and overuse, Philipp said. In colder months, some of these issues become more obvious, like changed species composition, weed issues and patches of bare soil.

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More newborn calf tips

More newborn calf tips

Kindra Gordon

The Cattle Business Weekly

As calving season approaches, it may be time to rethink a few standard management steps when it comes to newborn calves. Amanda Fordyce, a technical calf consultant with Milk Products LLC, says there are three important “don’ts” to keep in mind in the immediate moments after a calf is on the ground.

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Cottonseed hulls gaining favour in Canadian show cattle

Cottonseed hulls gaining favour in Canadian show cattle

Piper Whelan

Canadian Cattleman

It may not be pretty, but a roughage source popular south of the border is drawing interest from Canadians on the show circuit. Cottonseed hulls, a popular livestock feed in the United States, is becoming more sought-after in Canada, particularly for exhibitors looking for extra fill in their show cattle.

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Is There an Optimal Weight for Marketing Calves?

Is There an Optimal Weight for Marketing Calves?

Dr. Andrew Griffith

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

There have been a few questions the past two or three weeks concerning the optimal weight to market calves and feeder cattle. These questions hinged around the weight that would return the largest profit. The answer to this question changes continuously. Whether a cow-calf producer or a stocker producer, each producer needs to consider how to maximize profits relative to the available resources while also considering seasonality of cattle prices throughout the year.

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Man pleads guilty to larceny of more than 300 cattle in Bedford County

Man pleads guilty to larceny of more than 300 cattle in Bedford County

Rachel Mahoney

The News and Advance

A Huddleston man pleaded guilty Tuesday to unlawfully selling off about 320 head of cattle he was contracted to help raise, according to prosecutors. Brian William Bays, 35, was charged with grand larceny of the cattle in March, and a grand jury indicted him on that charge in Bedford County Circuit Court in August.

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Beef producers may need certification to sell in 2019

Beef producers may need certification to sell in 2019

Chris Kick

Farm and Dairy

attle producers who want to sell beef in 2019 and beyond should consider getting their Beef Quality Assurance certificate. Beginning Jan. 1, major U.S. buyers, including Wendy’s and Tyson, will require the farmers they purchase from to be BQA certified, and the expectation is that other buyers will follow.

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Time to Begin the Early Evening Feeding of the Spring-Calving Cows

Time to Begin the Early Evening Feeding of the Spring-Calving Cows

Glenn Selk


ach year in December, it is time for a reminder to change the feeding schedule for part, if not all of the spring-calving cow herd. It is generally accepted that adequate supervision at calving has a significant impact on reducing calf mortality. Adequate supervision has been of increasing importance with the higher price of live calves at sale time.

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R-CALF USA: Time is running out to protect cattle markets from antitrust takeover

R-CALF USA: Time is running out to protect cattle markets from antitrust takeover

The Fence Post

At the competition roundtable held Dec. 7 at the University of Wisconsin School of Law, R-CALF USA CEO Bill Bullard told experts in antitrust and regulation that time is running out to stop multinational beef packers from capturing the U.S. live cattle supply chain away from independent cattle producers.

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Wendy’s Makes ‘Major Advancement’ in Beef Sourcing

Wendy’s Makes ‘Major Advancement’ in Beef Sourcing

Rachel Taylor


Wendy’s announced Wednesday that it would be making changes to its practices to move toward a more sustainably-sourced food supply chain. Reflecting on its tagline “Quality is Our Recipe,” Wendy’s partnered with a new program to ensure it’s creating the best burgers from the best beef available.

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