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Why are so many people getting a meat allergy?

Why are so many people getting a meat allergy?

Maryn McKenna


Becoming allergic to meat turns your life upside down. Known as alpha-gal allergy, the condition dictates what you can eat, wear, how you relax, and even which medicines are safe. Is research finally starting to catch up?

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Ranching and retirement: Succession planning becomes vital

Ranching and retirement: Succession planning becomes vital

Amanda Radke


The U.S. Department of Agriculture says nearly 10 percent of the nation’s 93 million acres of agricultural land will change hands in the next couple of years. As the next generation of farmers and ranchers dives into their production agricultural careers, consideration must be also paid to retiring and aging producers.

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EPA releases new WOTUS rule

EPA releases new WOTUS rule

Brownfield Ag Network

The EPA has released the new Waters of the U.S. Rule under the Clean Water Act. Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa says she is pleased with EPA’s rapid action.  “This WOTUS replacement rule was released quickly, very important, and properly to provide much-needed regulatory certainty.”

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