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Baxter Black, DVM: GOAT DAY

Baxter Black, DVM:  GOAT DAY

20 years ago when we still lived in Brighton, CO, I had invited several friends to have Thanksgiving at my house.

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Cull cow market struggles to find a bottom

Cull cow market struggles to find a bottom

Derrell S. Peel


The cull cow market likely reached a seasonal low in November but it has been difficult to understand this market this year. Prices for Breaker cows in Oklahoma City averaged $50.13 per hundredweight in November, nearly 11 percent lower year over year, while Boning cows averaged $47.88 per cwt., over 16 percent down from one year ago. Cull cow prices have been counter-seasonally lower year over year from May through October and have averaged 13 to 15 percent lower year over year for the last seven months.

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USMEF Chair-Elect Cevin Jones Says There is a Great Story to Tell Right Now in the Export Busine

USMEF Chair-Elect Cevin Jones Says There is a Great Story to Tell Right Now in the Export Business

Oklahoma Farm Report

Cevin Jones of Idaho was recently elected to serve as Chairman-elect for the United States Meat Export Federation at the organization’s business meeting held earlier this year on the West Coast. According to him, the mood of the ship so to speak, especially for beef exports, is fairly strong currently. He talked in depth about the current global export situation for US meat products.

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Corn Stalk Quality After Weathering

Corn Stalk Quality After Weathering

Bruce Anderson

University of Nebraska

Fall rainfall, and even snow, is good for wheat and next year’s crops, but it does have its drawbacks.  One challenge is rain’s impact on corn stalk feed quality. Rain in the fall usually is welcomed despite the delays it causes with crop harvest.  Pastures and alfalfa benefit from extra growth and winterizing capabilities.  Wheat and other small grains get well established as do any new fields of alfalfa or pasture.  The reserve moisture stored in the soil will get good use during next year’s growing season.

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Riemann Named 2018 K-State Animal Sciences & Industry Distinguished Alumnus

Riemann Named 2018 K-State Animal Sciences & Industry Distinguished Alumnus

Kansas State University

Dr. Jim Riemann, Wamego, Kansas, was recognized as this year’s Kansas State University Department of Animal Sciences and Industry Distinguished Alumnus on Monday, December 3. Riemann is an industry-leading authority in steam pasteurization of beef carcasses. He earned three degrees from K-State — a bachelor’s degree in agricultural education in 1966, a master’s degree in animal science in 1973 and a doctorate in food science in 1974.

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BIF Genetic Prediction: Genetic Evaluation at Angus Genetics, Inc.

BIF Genetic Prediction: Genetic Evaluation at Angus Genetics, Inc.

Steve Miller
A Steak in Genomics™

Details of genetic evaluation are published in their Sire Evaluation Report. angus.org/nce  The first four papers of the report contains the details of the evaluation. Miller states that it actually functions as a nice animal breeding textbook. Angus Genetics, Inc. does evaluations for 6 clients, ranging from weekly to annual evaluations. The weekly evaluation of Angus is a bit like Groundhog Day, same thing week after week.
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Sustainability Initiatives: Answering Beef’s Critics

Sustainability Initiatives: Answering Beef’s Critics

Greg Henderson


Misleading consumers is a popular tactic. Anti-meat and livestock zealots are adamant that beef production is a primary culprit in the degradation of the environment and therefore not sustainable.

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New farm bill could be done by Christmas

New farm bill could be done by Christmas

Chris Kick

Farm and Dairy

A new farm bill could be just around the corner, and struggling farmers, unsure about the future of their operations and what the new year will bring, hope to see something in place very soon.

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Reality Check: China won’t immediately start buying U.S. ag goods

Reality Check: China won’t immediately start buying U.S. ag goods

Wisconsin State Farmer

The cease-fire between the U.S. and China sent soybeans higher, with prices ending the day up double digits. Purdue University agricultural economist Wally Tyner said the meeting Saturday night was a step in the right direction. “I think it’s a meaningful process in the sense that it limits the escalation,” said Tyner.

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Safety net mostly intact in new farm bill, Peterson says

Safety net mostly intact in new farm bill, Peterson says

Mikkel Pates

AG Week

Rep. Collin Peterson, D-Minn., says the farm bill is “marginally better” than the 2014 farm bill but says he’s worried it won’t be a strong enough safety net with current low commodity prices and trade upsets. Peterson, the ranking Democrat on the House Agriculture Committee, met with farmers and supporters in the district after the apparent agreement within the conference committee to pass a farm bill. The bill awaits conferees signing a conference report, Congressional Budget Office scoring, and then ratifying votes in the House and Senate.

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