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Nitrate Nitrogen (NO3-N) or Nitrate (NO3-) – Know the Difference!

Nitrate Nitrogen (NO3-N) or Nitrate (NO3-) – Know the Difference!

Bruce Anderson

University of Nebraska

I just got the forage test results back from the lab and the nitrate score was 3,000.  Am I in trouble? Every year I get multiple questions similar to this one.  Unfortunately, with just this information I’m unable to give a useful answer.  So – the first question I ask is “Was this reported as nitrates or as nitrate nitrogen?”

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Good Calf Health Program Has Several Important Parts

Good Calf Health Program Has Several Important Parts
Lee Jones, MS, DVM
Cattle Today
The basic principle of weaning or preconditioning is to prepare or “condition” calves to move from the cow-calf operation to backgrounding, grazing or finishing stages. The goal is to improve calf health (decrease sickness and mortality by enhancing the calf’s immune system and resistance to disease) while increasing growth, carcass performance, and profitability of calves.

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Are You Ready to Feed this Winter?

Are You Ready to Feed this Winter?

Northern AGNET

Living in the Northern Plains and Rocky Mountain states has its ups and downs. The view sure is pretty with the livestock grazing on the horizon but winter proves to be tough. Winter feeding is a guarantee in Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakota’s but there are options for producers. After speaking with extension cow/calf and beef specialists, there are a variety of feeding options and health considerations for this fall and winter.

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Winter Livestock Forage Program set for Dec. 13 in Coleman

Winter Livestock Forage Program set for Dec. 13 in Coleman

Michael Palmer

AgriLife Today

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Winter Livestock Forage Program is set for Dec. 13 in the Tillman Room of the Coleman Library Annex, 408 Commercial St. in Coleman. The program will feature a variety of topics of interest to both livestock and forage producers in the region, according to Michael Palmer, AgriLife Extension agent in Coleman County.

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Turning common heifer development logic on its head

Turning common heifer development logic on its head

Burke Teichert

Beef Magazine

Most of you, because of “expert” advice, have been over-developing your heifers. Let’s throw out everything you have learned and start fresh to get the most efficient cows in your herd.

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10 Predictions for the Future of Gene Editing in Livestock

10 Predictions for the Future of Gene Editing in Livestock

Betsy Freese

Successful Farming

Will gene editing be accepted by the public? “I’m cautiously optimistic that we can move this technology forward without reliving the GMO experience,” says John Johnson, chief operating officer for the National Pork Board. “There is a commitment by industries involved, as well as academics, to have transparent conversations about this. They are not trying to hide anything. The approach is very different than it was with GMOs 30 years ago. The transparency, dialogue, and conversation may lead us down a path where we can achieve consumer acceptance more readily and with more confidence.”

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Marketing beef value versus pounds

Marketing beef value versus pounds

Tri State livestock News

Pounds or yield is important to the cow-calf operation, feedlot, and packer. Yield has always been a driver to the meat industry or agriculture for that matter as “price X quantity = revenue.” Ranchers, feedlots, and packers all sell pounds of beef. But, the market is shifting and those pounds of beef produced are increasingly scrutinized by consumers expressing their preferences in the market place.

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Avoid a heifer development wreck

Avoid a heifer development wreck

Farm Forum

The dust has cleared, the steer calves are loaded and gone to market. Now, your attention turns to the heifer replacement pen. How you manage that heifer now can set her up for a long, productive life — or failure in her first two years.

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State beef councils join beef checkoff lawsuit

State beef councils join beef checkoff lawsuit


The District Court for the District of Montana has allowed the Montana Beef Council, Nebraska Beef Council, Pennsylvania Beef Council, Texas Beef Council, and three individuals to join in R-CALF USA’s beef checkoff lawsuit, a request made with R-CALF USA’s consent. The lawsuit was recently expanded to include 15 state beef councils, including those now joined as parties.

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Create a Nonfreeze Water Trough

Create a Nonfreeze Water Trough

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Gerald and Pat Vandervalk of Claresholm, Alta., Canada, solved the challenges of winter water for their cattle by innovative troughs to capture water from springs on their ranch. The water systems Gerald created from big tires work well in several situations, and he now sells some to other ranchers. “We are fortunate on our ranch because we have so many springs; we don’t have to pump any water,” he says.

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