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BeefTalk: Market Cows and Bulls Rather Than Cull

BeefTalk: Market Cows and Bulls Rather Than Cull

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension

Fall is the time for breeding cattle inventory reconciliation. Factors such as the availability of feed, labor and desire will be part of the review. The outcomes of this review really set the future for the cow-calf enterprise and the degree of managerial pressure through cattle numbers a producer places on the land resources available.

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Winning Weaning Woes

Winning Weaning Woes

Taylor Grussing and Warren Rusche.


Weaning time is here which can be a stressfull event for calves, cows and families alike. While preconditioning prepares the immune system to better handle the stress of weaning, there are some other areas of the ranch that can be modified to aid calf adjustment to life without mom.

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Hunter talks preconditioning

Hunter talks preconditioning

Teresa Clark

The Fence Post

Most producers who precondition their calves either want to make more money or keep the calf alive. Randy Hunter, DVM – VRCS, manages a feedyard of stocker cattle and shared with the public the importance of preconditioning during the Livestock Exchange 50th/5th Anniversary open house in Brush, Colo.

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Many Producers Work Toward “Low Stress Handling”

Many Producers Work Toward “Low Stress Handling”
Heather Smith Thomas
Cattle Today
During the past 20 years there have been improvements made in the designs of cattle working facilities and in the handling of cattle when being processed during routine vaccinations, at slaughter plants, etc. but some cattle operations still need to “tune up” their handling methods. Dr. Temple Grandin (Colorado State University) has been instrumental in developing many of the user-friendly facilities and in educating producers about low stress handling.

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An Oklahoma producer utilizes multi-species rotational grazing

An Oklahoma producer utilizes multi-species rotational grazing

Raney Rapp


For more than 20 years, brothers Joe and Hoss Hopping have integrated management intensive grazing strategies with a unique hybrid hair sheep flock to maximize and improve their formerly mined land.  While cattle accompany the flock in the growing season, the sheep make up the bulk of the brothers’ yearly production.

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Women on the auction block

Women on the auction block

Rae Price

Western Livestock Journal

Women have long had a place on the auction block at livestock auctions but traditionally they have had roles as clerks, recording sellers, buyers and final bids. That role, however, is changing as women in agriculture, and in other professions, are increasingly taking on jobs that are commonly considered professions for men.

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Managing dust in beef feedlots

Managing dust in beef feedlots

Canadian Cattleman

Most often, he says, the worst time for dust is during the late afternoon and at dusk when temperatures drop and wind speeds decrease. This is when cattle that have been resting during the heat of the day start moving around, creating more dust that hangs in the cooler evening air.

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Frustration Mounts Over Farm Bill Inaction

Frustration Mounts Over Farm Bill Inaction

Andy Eubank

Hoosier AG Today

A September farm bill in time to replace expiring law appears less likely as the House-Senate conference committee resumes negotiations next week, the final week of the month. Committee member Iowa Senator Joni Ernst indicates there are some issues working out differences in areas like farm subsidies, conservation support, and food stamp work requirements. But the new CEO of the National Corn Growers Association, Jon Doggett says an on-time farm bill is needed this month.

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A Walk Through the Pasture is Time Well Spent!

A Walk Through the Pasture is Time Well Spent!

Chris Penrose

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

As I walk around the pastures this time of the year, especially with pasture growth starting to slow down and leaves turning color, I really notice what worked this year and what things went wrong. I also try to think of ways we can reduce tearing up our fields when we feed hay this winter.

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How feeder cattle price slides work, and why

How feeder cattle price slides work, and why

Nevil Speer

Beef Magazine

Over the past month, this column has focused on the feeder cattle market and various value drivers in an effort to help producers better understand market principles while marketing is fresh on their mind.

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