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Baxter Black, DVM:  That Time Again

Baxter Black, DVM:  That Time Again

It’s fall on the cow outfit. Time to get out the WD 40 and grease up the handles on the squeeze chute. Maybe find the three or four syringes that work, buy some new gaskets and barrels along with a box of needles.

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Phenotype Still Matters

Phenotype Still Matters

Becky Mills
Progressive Farmer

Genetic tests are available for everything from birthweight to carcass weight, so it’s tempting to select your next herd bull based on those results alone. Just think, no more driving all across the country to look at pen after pen of yearling bulls. Or, you could build your dream herd of females off a spreadsheet of genetic predictions for maternal traits. Then again, maybe not.

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Timing Manure Application to Avoid Neighbor Nuisances

Timing Manure Application to Avoid Neighbor Nuisances

Rick Koelsch

University of Nebraska

Roughly half of all neighbor complaints of livestock odors originate from land application of manure. A weather forecast and a little knowledge of odor dilution can be a powerful tool for keeping your neighbors happy, or at least avoiding those irate phone calls. This article summarizes those weather conditions that should be considered when planning manure application.

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Prepare your calf for kindergarten

Prepare your calf for kindergarten

Gayle Smith
The Cattle Business Weekly
Weaning calves is similar to sending a child to kindergarten for the first time. “Weaned calves have to cope with social stressors to adjust to a new environment,” according to Clint Krehbiel, who is the head of the animal science department at the University of Nebraska. “These social responses become physical responses and influence how they metabolize.” Krehbiel discussed ways to reduce stress in weaned calves during a Ranching for Profitability meeting in Gordon, Nebraska.

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Cattle veterinarians urged to become indispensable

Cattle veterinarians urged to become indispensable

Tim Lundeen


Practitioners of bovine veterinary medicine are branching out of the traditional role of diagnostics and treatment of cattle illnesses to provide other types of management and consulting services, and new ways of providing existing services.

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Interior’s Sue and Settle Order Exposes Secret Settlements with Activists

Interior’s Sue and Settle Order Exposes Secret Settlements with Activists

Farm Bureau

Activists have grown rich by suing the government and reaping billions of taxpayers’ dollars – and all in secret. The U.S. Department of Interior, however, has issued an order to curb this abuse of basic, democratic processes and to open backroom deals to public scrutiny. The American Farm Bureau Federation applauds this overdue action.

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Beef Quality Assurance trainings set to help producers earn certification

Beef Quality Assurance trainings set to help producers earn certification

Purdue Extension

Jill Andrew-Richards

The two-hour training and certification sessions are free. Only one person from each operation is required to be certified to ensure the entire operation follows BQA standards. However, everyone who handles and manages fed cattle is encouraged to become BQA certified.

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New guidelines for ‘Targeting the Brand’ logo

New guidelines for ‘Targeting the Brand’ logo

Katrina Huffstutler


Thanks to new guidelines for “Targeting the Brand” logo use, it will be easier to find those premium bulls. Kara Lee, CAB production brand manager, says the logo can be used by any breeder whose bulls are breed average or better for two key metrics: Marbling EPD (expected progeny difference) and Angus Grid Value Index ($G). To find the cream of the crop for grade potential, this fall’s qualifying bulls need a marbling EPD of at least +0.53, along with $G at +33.97, but those change as breed averages do.

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Nicely Done, Beef Checkoff

Nicely Done, Beef Checkoff

Wyatt Bechtel


The retooling of the “Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner” campaign has been “Nicely Done” by the Beef Checkoff. Reintroduced last October, the “Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner” campaign got an update to meet the needs of a 21st century audience after debuting in 1992.

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Producers begin using the new Angus foot score EPDs

Producers begin using the new Angus foot score EPDs

Laura Handke

Progressive Cattleman

In the middle of the year, the research is in full swing, with producers from across the country submitting data on the animals in their herd, eager to see the development of a tool that will help them improve their herds and, in turn, improve their offerings to commercial cattlemen.

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