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BeefTalk: Cows as Combines

BeefTalk: Cows as Combines

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension

Cows are harvesters, sort of a biological combine, and dining on crop aftermath can be a real component to profitable commercial beef production. Yes, bison, yaks and many other four-legged precursors were company competitors, but as far as production units, the cow combines win out. Cow combine units come in various colors, depending on the dealer one chooses, but all have pretty good track records.

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Trends in feeding cost of gain

Trends in feeding cost of gain

Michael Langemeier

Progressive Cattleman

Feeding cost of gain is one of the most important factors explaining changes in cattle finishing. The recent volatility in corn prices leads to questions regarding the impact of lower or higher corn prices on feeding cost of gain. In addition to corn prices, feeding cost of gain is impacted by changes in forage prices and animal performance.

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32nd Hoosier Beef Congress Set for Nov. 30- Dec. 2

32nd Hoosier Beef Congress Set for Nov. 30- Dec. 2

Hoosier Ag Today

he dates of the largest single state junior cattle show in the U.S., the Hoosier Beef Congress (HBC) are quickly approaching. The website, http://www.hoosierbeefcongress.com is updated with the 2018 HBC information and all details for the Junior Show, Showmanship, Contest Rules, Breed Rules, Tradeshow, All Star and Breed Sale, Schedule of Events, etc. can be found on the website.

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Utilizing Corn Stalks and Extending the Grazing Season

Utilizing Corn Stalks and Extending the Grazing Season

Victor Shelton

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

The older I get, the more I tend to philosophize about things. I’ve been asked a few times why I am such an advocate for sound grazing practices. Best management grazing practices, just like conservation practices for reducing or preventing soil erosion on cropland, help preserve and or regenerate resources not only for present generation, but also for future generations.

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Newly open Chinese beef market excites ND ranchers, cattlemen

Newly open Chinese beef market excites ND ranchers, cattlemen

James Miller

Ag Week

Decisions made by China routinely make international headlines as its nearly 1.5 billion residents make the country the most populated and largest consumer market globally. The U.S. government in conjunction with the European Union have for a long time placed scrutiny on the trade and regulatory practices of China in largely unsuccessful efforts aimed at bringing the nation into fair trade deals.

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$3M cattle fraud puts 2 Arizona families on financial brink

$3M cattle fraud puts 2 Arizona families on financial brink

Associated Press

About $3 million worth of cattle was stolen from an Arizona family by a man they once considered a friend, prosecutors said in court documents. The fraud has pushed both families to the brink of financial ruin, the Arizona Daily Star reported . Longtime cattleman and rodeo cowboy Clay Parsons discovered last August that $1.3 million was missing from the accounts of the Marana Stockyards and Livestock Market, which his family has run since the early 1990s. It is one of the busiest stockyards in all of Arizona.

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Pasture and Forage Weed Control: Mow or Spray?

Pasture and Forage Weed Control: Mow or Spray?

Clif Little


It is important to remember that each herbicide varies in terms of target weed response. In other words, herbicides vary in ability to kill specific weeds and always refer to product labels prior to use. Always wear the personal protective equipment recommended on the product label. Be aware of product restrictions and recommendations relating to the environment, sensitive crops, and bees.

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