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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 excuses heard by veterinarians

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 excuses heard by veterinarians


10. He couldn’t buck on three legs so I wasn’t in any hurry to fix him.

9.  I got a heckuva deal on leftover french fries.

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First Cut: Rodney Dangerfield

First Cut: Rodney Dangerfield

Mike Rankin

Hay and Forage Grower

These days, Iowa doesn’t even have a forage extension specialist, though there are nearly a million beef cows and 220,000 dairy cows in the state. Similar situations exist in other states, and yours may be added if some action isn’t taken.

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Feed-Through Fly Control

Feed-Through Fly Control

Dr. Ken McMillan

Salt is what drives cattle to minerals. I have seen several cases where producers have salt blocks and a complete mineral out at the same time. This can lead to inconsistent intake of the mineral. You have to do the math to be sure your cows are getting the recommended consumption.

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NCBA’s Colin Woodall Races Against Clock to Tie-up Legislative Priorities as Fall Deadlines Approach

NCBA’s Colin Woodall Races Against Clock to Tie-up Legislative Priorities as Fall Deadlines Approach

Oklahoma Farm Report

As Congress continues to try to wrap up all its appropriations measures between now and the end of the month which is the end of the government’s fiscal year, chief lobbyist for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Colin Woodall, says there is a couple of issues within the appropriations bill that his organization remains interested in. The first of which has to do with electronic logging devices, or ELDs, which essentially limits the amount of time and distance truckers can travel each day.

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Cows Heat Stressed After Breeding May Have Unseen Pregnancy Losses

Cows Heat Stressed After Breeding May Have Unseen Pregnancy Losses

Duane Dailey


Prolonged heat stress this year may bring a smaller calf crop next year. Herd owners are seeing cows known to be pregnant coming back into heat to be rebred. Pregnancy losses are due to several reasons, says Scott Poock, University of Missouri Extension veterinarian. “The first is increased internal temperature of the cow.”

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Alfalfa silage versus hay crop silage in the rumen

Alfalfa silage versus hay crop silage in the rumen

Wyatt Smith

Progressive Forage

Personally, I am a very visual learner. It is easy for me to “grasp” a concept when I can physically “grasp” it. With this in mind, I sought to create a visual aid to help explain the difference between pure alfalfa silage and hay crop (alfalfa-grass mix) silage using a method from Kurt Cotanch.

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Making Smart Hay Buying Decisions

Making Smart Hay Buying Decisions

Adele Harty And Taylor Grussing


Purchasing hay based on quality is a key to ensuring the best product for the price, but it requires being proactive and asking the right questions. When hay supply is abundant, prices are lower and ranchers may not see the benefit in taking the time to price hay based on quality; however, taking time to do this in a year with ample supply will help one be comfortable with the process when supply is short.

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Weather creating challenges for making silage

Weather creating challenges for making silage

Beef Magazine

Corn silage has always been a major feed component in dairy and beef cattle rations. However, this year’s weather is making harvesting corn silage a challenge for many areas of Iowa.

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Junior Beef Round-Up breeds skills, confidence in 4-H youth

Junior Beef Round-Up breeds skills, confidence in 4-H youth

Tom Hallman

Clemson University

Confidence is a 50-pound child tugging a 500-pound steer into a show ring. Confidence was on display by the hundreds at the South Carolina Junior Beef Round-Up. Held each August for 4-H members and their families, the event drew students from throughout South Carolina and neighboring states to Clemson University’s T. Ed Garrison Livestock Arena for the three-day weekend event Aug. 3-5.

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Steer donations needed for MSU’s student Steer-A-Year program

Steer donations needed for MSU’s student Steer-A-Year program


Montana ranchers are encouraged to donate a steer for the benefit of the learning and development of next generation agricultural producers. Montana State University’s College of Agriculture is seeking donations of steers for its Steer-A-Year program. The program accepts donated steers, monetary support and feed.

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