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Baxter Black, DVM: Lawn Clippings

Baxter Black, DVM:  Lawn Clippings

The first week of August I was haulin’ a load of cows to the sale. We hadn’t had rain for five weeks and my pasture was pretty sorry. I’d been feedin’ hay for two weeks. Along the highway I could see houses on either side. Most had green lawns. It occurred to me ‘Somethin’ is wrong with this picture!’
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American Simmental Association celebrates 50 years

American Simmental Association celebrates 50 years

The Fence Post

The American Simmental Association celebrated its 50 year anniversary in conjunction with their annual Fall Focus board meeting and educational symposium at the ASA headquarters in Bozeman, Aug. 25-29. Educational sessions, interactive committee meetings, and a pitchfork fondue highlighted the event, offering something for commercial and seedstock cattle producers alike.

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Cover Crop Seeding – Build Your Own Seeder Or Use the One You’ve Got

Cover Crop Seeding – Build Your Own Seeder Or Use the One You’ve Got

Kathy Voth

On Pasture

Readers who responded to our 2018 survey asked if we could include a little more information on cover crops. So here’s a start of what we’ll be doing more of in the future. This week we thought you’d like to learn a little bit about seeding equipment.

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A golden ticket turns Ruby red

A golden ticket turns Ruby red

Mayzie Purviance

Progressive Cattleman
You know the feeling you get when you put on a fresh pair of blue jeans and stick your hand in your pocket only to find a crumpled-up dollar bill? Or when you’re running slightly late for work in the morning but miss every red light on your way? How about that moment of euphoria when a running back from your favorite football team gets tackled right on the goal line and, after a long, mumbled discussion between referees, you see the man in the striped shirt hold his hands up to indicate a touchdown?

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South Dakota Stockgrowers Association Names New Executive Director

South Dakota Stockgrowers Association Names New Executive Director

The Cattle Business Weekly

The South Dakota Stockgrowers Association is excited to announce the hiring of their new Executive Director, James Halverson. James will start coming into the office, under one of the most historic signs in Rapid City, on the corner of 5th and St. Joe right away.

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Making Silage from Late Season Hail Damaged Corn

Making Silage from Late Season Hail Damaged Corn

Mary Drewnoski

University of Nebraska

Making hailed corn into corn silage can be a good option for those with cattle or that have neighbors with cattle. For those with feedlot cattle or that can sell to neighbors with feedlot cattle, then high-moisture corn or earlage are options. Due to the dilution effect of the plant material, silage is likely a better option for harvest of mold containing ears than high moisture corn or earlage.

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New Ideas About Deworming

New Ideas About Deworming

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Dewormer resistance came as no surprise to parasitologists, Ray Kaplan says, but it did shatter some long-held illusions in the beef industry. “This was a problem in sheep long before it became a problem in cattle,” says the professor of parasitology in the University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

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Mycotoxins: Why in my silage?

Mycotoxins: Why in my silage?

Pascal Drouin

Dairy Herd Management

By definition, silage is the preservation by fermentation of green forage. There is a reason for the inclusion of the term “green” in this definition, and this is mainly important for corn under our temperate climate. Corn is a tropical plant requiring specific heat-days to reach maturity. A freeze at the end of summer will partly kill it. The leaves take on a brown color as the cells die and stop all defense mechanisms against fungi, either

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New film celebrates environmental benefits of cattle grazing

New film celebrates environmental benefits of cattle grazing
Amanda Radke

Beef Magazine

Global warming, climate change — whatever you want to call it, alarmists love to blame cattle for every environmental challenge our planet faces. Forget transportation, electricity and other consumable goods we use every day, it’s the cows and their belching that are to blame for everything!

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Dart Decisions

Dart Decisions

John Maday


Opponents maintain that darts, or “remote delivery devices” (RDD) as manufacturers call them, should rarely, if ever, be used to treat cattle with antibiotics. They cite potential problems including hitting an inappropriate injection site, injecting the wrong tissue such as into a muscle or vein instead of subcutaneous, inconsistent dosage that could contribute to antibiotic resistance, safety and other concerns.

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