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Minimizing Weaning Stress on Calves

Minimizing Weaning Stress on Calves

Craig Gifford, Shiann Burns, and Marcy Ward

New Mexico State University

Weaning is one of the most stressful events in a calf’s life. Two primary stressors affect calves at weaning: social separation from their mothers and moving to a new environment where they must develop new feeding and watering skills and habituate to new surroundings.

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5 top policy issues that concern cattle producers

5 top policy issues that concern cattle producers

Wallaces Farmer

“The Iowa State Fair provides an excellent opportunity for all Iowans to come together each summer to learn about and celebrate the rich agricultural heritage our state is known for,” notes Katie Olthoff, director of communications for the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association. “With Iowa’s congressional delegation back in Iowa for the August recess, it’s also perfect timing to invite elected officials to sit down to discuss cattle industry issues.

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Management matters in getting top bids for your feeder calves

Management matters in getting top bids for your feeder calves

Nevil Speer

Beef Magazine

During the past several weeks, this column has focused on the feeder cattle market. The first part of the series highlighted the price spread between feeder cattle and the deferred fed market since 2016. Meanwhile, the second part of this discussion provided an overview of the relative value of fundamental attributes such as sex, region and breed.

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Preconditioning Calves; Is it in the Cards?

Preconditioning Calves; Is it in the Cards?

Bill Halfman

University of Wisconsin

As the summer grazing season winds down and the time is getting near for cow calf producers to wean calves, they might be asking themselves, with the prices of many agricultural commodities, can I add some value to my calves by preconditioning my calves or just sell them right off the cow?  For starters, what is preconditioning, and why would we do it?   Preconditioning is a practice that gets calves ready for the next phase of production and done with proper management can add a few dollars into the cow/calf producer’s pocket

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EPA Refocuses Agency Priorities, Recognizes Stewardship of Beef Producers

EPA Refocuses Agency Priorities, Recognizes Stewardship of Beef Producers


Today Colin Woodall, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, released the following statement in response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s transition from National Enforcement Initiatives to National Compliance Initiatives:  “Cattlemen and cattlewomen take their role as environmental stewards seriously.

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Here’s How America Uses Its Land

Here’s How America Uses Its Land

Dave Merrill and Lauren Leatherby


There are many statistical measures that show how productive the U.S. is. Its economy is the largest in the world and grew at a rate of 4.1 percent last quarter, its fastest pace since 2014. The unemployment rate is near the lowest mark in a half century.

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Trade relief for pork, cattle producers

Trade relief for pork, cattle producers

Anne Simpson

Brownfield Network

A spokesman with the U.S. Meat Export Federation says the USDA’s trade relief package is welcome news for pork and cattle producers as they continue to face below break-even prices. Greg Hanes is the vice president of the international marketing program. “We’re in and have been in an expansion phase so you’re looking at record proteins as far as beef, pork, poultry here in the United States,” he says. “So (this announcement) does come at time to make sure that producers can stay viable over this time period”

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Make the most of your cattle deworming program

Make the most of your cattle deworming program

Beef Magazine

A common practice found on many operations is to dose dewormers according to the average weight of the herd. While convenient, this can under-dose a significant number of the cattle and diminish the effectiveness of the drug.

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Farming by day, firefighting by night

Farming by day, firefighting by night

Kaitlin Cordes

Effingham Daily News

Sigel native Joe Vogt is a farmer by day and a volunteer firefighter by night. Vogt said he tends to his beef cattle on his farm in rural Sigel and then attends fire department meetings at night, once farm chores are done. “I’m farming a lot during the day time when the sun’s out,” Vogt said. “Fire meetings are usually during the evenings once things here at the farm have wrapped up for the day.”

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Americans Are Grilling More Steaks for Labor Day With the Economy Humming 

Americans Are Grilling More Steaks for Labor Day With the Economy Humming 

Lydia Mulvany


When Americans feel like they’ve got more money, they like to treat themselves. That means there could be plenty of steaks on the grill this year for Labor Day. A buzzing economy and low U.S. unemployment is a boon for beef, typically considered a premium meat. Gains for the cattle herd means retail prices have fallen. Combine that with grocer discounts for the holiday, and steaks and burgers could be the cheapest they’ve been in years, attracting demand.

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