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Baxter Black, DVM: Preadator Friendly

Baxter Black, DVM: Preadator Friendly

A concept in protecting coyotes has been introduced by a group of Montana animal rights disciples; Predator Friendly Wool

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Vitamin E deficiency and forage quality

Vitamin E deficiency and forage quality

Melissa Bravo

Progressive Cattleman

We all know the best lessons are shared in hindsight. Last year was a wet one for northern Pennsylvania. For 38 days (from May 25 to July 1), it rained every other day. Some of us got hay in over a four-day period after July 2, but the rest had to wait until July 25 for consecutive days of dry weather. Most of us intuitively realized late-made washed-out hay would be low on protein and high on fiber, making for some really tough orchardgrass and hard-chewing alfalfa. But how many thought about vitamin E levels?

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Genetics Key to Stopping $1 Billion in Annual Losses to Respiratory Disease

Genetics Key to Stopping $1 Billion in Annual Losses to Respiratory Disease


If you want to make Steve Foglesong’s blood pressure spike, just mention bovine respiratory disease. The unpredictability of BRD, not to mention the cost, can be hard to tolerate for the rancher and feeder.

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Use caution when testing livestock water quality with hand-held meters

Use caution when testing livestock water quality with hand-held meters

Piper Whelan

Canadian Cattleman

One of the most common water quality issues that Clark encounters is increased sulphates in exposed water, which can intensify in the summer. “That is just purely due to heat, dryness, wind causing evaporation, and what evaporates is the water and it condenses the minerals and the other water constituents left in.

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Preliminary United States-Mexico Trade Agreement Reached

Preliminary United States-Mexico Trade Agreement Reached

Eric Pfeiffer

Hoosier AG Today

“The agreement specifically addresses agricultural biotechnology to keep up with 21st Century innovations. And we mutually pledge to work together with Mexico to reduce trade-distorting policies, increase transparency, and ensure non-discriminatory treatment in grading of agricultural products.

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Turning 40 This Year, the Certified Angus Beef Program Has More Than Just Longevity to Celebrate

Turning 40 This Year, the Certified Angus Beef Program Has More Than Just Longevity to Celebrate

Oklahoma Farm Report

ohn Pfeiffer is the sitting vice president for the American Angus Association and will likely transition into the president’s role this November at the association’s annual convention in the hometown of the Certified Angus Beef program, Columbus, OH – held there this year as part of the brand’s 40th Anniversary celebration. Previously, Pfeiffer rotated through the chairs of the Certified Angus Beef program. He served as chairman, when CAB hit a million pounds of sales a few years ago, thanks in large part to an increased presence in the international marketplace.

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Dealing with Snakebite

Dealing with Snakebite

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin

The rattlesnake is the most common poisonous snake in the United States, but there are several other pit vipers, including copperheads and cottonmouths (also called water moccasins), that can be dangerous. Rattlesnakes give some warning when an animal approaches, but copperheads may just try to hide — and the animal might step on them and get bitten.

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Ride Along with the Cow Police

Ride Along with the Cow Police

Matt Wolfe

Oxford American

Late one winter night, under cover of darkness, two young calves were stolen from a ranch in Alvarado, Texas. Someone cut a wire fence bordering the property, allowing a four-wheeler to trundle onto the pasture. The calves, an Angus and a Black Baldy, were loaded into a goat cage and driven seventy miles west, along Highway 67, to a cattle barn in Stephenville.

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Death of a quiet giant: Paul Andre, BEEF’s founding editor

Death of a quiet giant: Paul Andre, BEEF’s founding editor

Joe Roybal

Beef Magazine

Paul D. Andre, founding editor of BEEF magazine, passed away June 15 in Green Forest, Ark. He was 89. Paul retired from BEEF magazine in 1993, after building the magazine’s editorial look and coverage from scratch and guiding its editorial fortunes for almost 30 years.

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Transparency in farm methods is good for consumers

Transparency in farm methods is good for consumers

Katie Brenny

Post Bulletin

People demand the ethical treatment of farm animals, and farmers and ranchers agree. I raise beef cattle in the Mazeppa area, and animal care is our top priority because raising these cows well isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s a part of my responsibility. Other farmers and ranchers feel the same way I do.

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