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Comparing Four Weaning Systems

Comparing Four Weaning Systems

John Maday


For cow-calf producers planning how to manage their calves through the stressful weaning period, deciding factors include available labor, facilities, weather, marketing goals and others, in addition to efforts to minimize stress, protect calf health and ensure performance. Recognition that abrupt separation of calves from their dams, some ranchers and veterinarians have tested and adopted alternative systems, or worked on management and animal-care practices intended to minimize any negative impacts  of abrupt weaning.

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Stewardship, resistance: A rancher’s perspective on antibiotics

Stewardship, resistance: A rancher’s perspective on antibiotics


Well, it’s a topic because it’s important to our consumers, our customers,” said Gardiner, of Gardiner Angus Ranch. “That concern that’s been raised, we have to be aware of it, and we have to address it with good science and good husbandry.” Antimicrobial resistance has received much attention in recent years, as human and animal health officials work to understand the issue. The National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA) is bringing both sides to the table with what it calls a “One Health” approach to discuss and collaboratively address the issue.

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Cloning Cows From Steaks (and Other Ways of Building Better Cattle)

Cloning Cows From Steaks (and Other Ways of Building Better Cattle)

Robert Kunzig

National Geographic

The clones had started out, late one evening at a slaughterhouse near Amarillo, as a gleam in the eye of a WTAMU scientist named Ty Lawrence. He’s an expert on beef carcasses—a life-size fiberglass model of one hangs in his office, sliced open for inspection at the rib eye. He has examined hundreds of thousands of the real things at slaughterhouses across the country.

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Applestone Meat’s Steak Vending Machine

Applestone Meat’s Steak Vending Machine

Kate Krader

Bloomberg News

The appeal of a vending machine is that it delivers food you can eat on the spot, like peanut M&M’s, potato chips, Oreos, or soda. Newer innovations such as the cupcake ATM and the salad-stocked Farmer’s Fridge check that box, too. Most people don’t consider raw steak to be ready-to-eat, unless they’re following an extreme cave man diet.

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Beef cattle eschew popular forage pea

Beef cattle eschew popular forage pea

Karen Briere

Western Producer

A study of poly-crop mixtures to extend grazing has been hampered by dry weather, but researchers have observed one thing: beef cattle don’t seem to like the 4010 variety of field peas. Dr. Alan Iwaasa, an animal scientist at the Swift Current Research and Development Centre, said the two-year study began last year at two grazing sites at Lanigan and Swift Current.

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Know the landscape when pricing your calf crop

Know the landscape when pricing your calf crop

Nevil Speer

Beef Magazine

The CME Index represents a weighted average price for Medium & Large #1 steers and Medium & Large #1-2 steers weighing between 700 and 899 pounds. Cattle that are categorized as fancy, thin, fleshy, gaunt or full – or predominately dairy, exotic or Brahman-influenced – are not included in the Index.

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Lesson learned: Never, ever trust a bull

Lesson learned: Never, ever trust a bull

Agri News

A striped gopher stuck his head out of a hole just as a bald eagle rode across the sky on the northern wind. It was an unusually cool August morning that hinted at a rapidly approaching fall. The soybean fields that looked rough earlier in the summer had recovered enough to have bumper-crop potential.

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Cattle Raisers to host CattleFax Market Outlook events 

Cattle Raisers to host CattleFax Market Outlook events 

High Plains Journal

The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association will host CattleFax Market Outlook events in Seymour, Bryan and Gonzales, Texas, Aug. 28 to 30. The events will begin at 5:30 p.m. and will include a complimentary beef dinner. The events are free and open to the public.

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Better tools needed to keep unfit cattle off the truck

Better tools needed to keep unfit cattle off the truck

Canadian Cattleman

Researchers have found that improving guidelines for identifying compromised and unfit cattle prior to transport could help lower the number of these animals being transported.

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Weaning diet options.

Weaning diet options.

Justin Sexten

Angus Beef Bulletin

Depending on rainfall and temperatures, spring-calving herds may be weeks or months away from weaning. For many operations, that will bring the challenge of feeding weaned calves for a short transition period. That’s when nutrition is critical to end-product quality, because it influences both marbling development and calf health, which in turn also affects later quality grade.

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