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BeefTalk: Livestock Diversity a Good Thing

BeefTalk: Livestock Diversity a Good Thing

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension

The study of chemistry is based on absolutes more than variation. The study of biology is based on variation more than absolutes. Sometimes, what we do is absolute, but more often than not, what we do has a varied response. That is so true in agriculture. Agricultural managers are called upon routinely to evaluate variation and sort out the good and, in some cases, actually seek more, not less, planned variation. And so today, we take a look at diversity.

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Mass Treatment, Big Impact

Mass Treatment, Big Impact

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

When a group of newly weaned, co-mingled, stressed calves with unknown vaccination history or immune status arrive at a feedyard, managers and veterinarians can predict they are at a high risk for bovine respiratory disease (BRD).  Several management steps can reduce that risk, such as rest, access to good feed and water and low-stress handling methods. In many cases though, managers also use “metaphylaxis,” a strategy of administering antimicrobials to groups of animals to prevent disease.

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Focusing on Efficiency Creates Profitability

Focusing on Efficiency Creates Profitability

Kathy Voth

On Pasture

Here’s how to improve your efficiency so you can have more cash and more profit. Don’t be put off by the crop example – livestock are just another crop, right? (And a special shout out to that On Pasture reader who said they don’t like Money Matters articles, but thinks about them every time before spending a dollar. :-))

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Uncovering the bruising mystery

Uncovering the bruising mystery

Kristin Wade

Progressive Cattleman

The Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program continuously strives to improve industry practices and, therefore, beef quality, animal welfare and producer profit. BQA focuses on many aspects of cattle production, from correct transportation practices to humane handling techniques.

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Dry Conditions Force Cattle Producers to Scramble for Alternative Feed Sources

Dry Conditions Force Cattle Producers to Scramble for Alternative Feed Sources

Russ Quinn


Brittany Wilbanks doesn’t need to look at the U.S. Drought Monitor map to know it is extremely dry in Missouri this growing season. Wilbanks and her husband, Seth, farm and raise cattle near Sedalia, Missouri, and have seen Mother Nature constantly throw weather curveballs at them this year.

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What Makes a Cow Fertile?

What Makes a Cow Fertile?

Kevin McSweeney

Dairy Herd Management

Why do cows fail to get pregnant when you do everything right? Having a healthy cycling cow in heat, bred by an experienced technician is not enough to ensure a viable pregnancy. There are two crucial things that must occur prior to breeding for any real chance of producing an embryo that will survive to term.

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RFI and your cowherd: What’s the connection?

RFI and your cowherd: What’s the connection?

Burt Rutherford

Beef Magazine

“Back in the early 60s, when my father and others started the concept of performance and measuring cattle, a lot of people didn’t like it, they didn’t agree with it. None of those people are in the business any more. They’re all gone.” So says Leo McDonnell, whose father started Midland Bull Test.

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KLA Partnering on Kansas Cattle Traceability Project

KLA Partnering on Kansas Cattle Traceability Project

Scarlett Hagins

Angus beef Bulletin Extra

The Kansas Livestock Association (KLA) is one of the key partners in a new cattle traceability pilot project. Cattle Trace will involve an end-to-end disease traceability system beginning with cow-calf producers and ending at the beef processing plant. A number of ranches, feedyards, auction markets and beef processing facilities have volunteered to cooperate on the project.

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Drought takes toll on livestock industry

Drought takes toll on livestock industry


Temple Telegram

The lingering summer heat that continues to torture the parched Bell County soil has forced some local cattle ranchers to start thinning their herds. Costs have started to mount for producers as stock tanks are drying up and sufficient hay is hard to come by. “Hay is in short supply. No one made any hay this year. We’re using up all the corn shucks and whatever we can find to try to keep our cattle for a while,” local producer Robert Fleming of Fleming Grain & Cattle said.

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Federal judge orders Trump to reinstate Obama’s Waters of the US rule

Federal judge orders Trump to reinstate Obama’s Waters of the US rule

Josh Siegel

Washington Examiner

A federal judge issued a nationwide injunction Thursday against the Trump administration for delaying the Obama-era Waters of the United States rule, dealing a setback to a key piece of President Trump’s deregulatory agenda.

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