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BeefTalk: Let the Cow Save You Money and the Bull Make You Money

BeefTalk: Let the Cow Save You Money and the Bull Make You Money

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension

A recent conversation regarding economic drivers in the cow-calf enterprise left me with a lot to think about. Let me summarize: The thoroughfare to consumers begins with the conception and birth of a calf that slowly morphs into beef. The beef industry is huge, so reflecting is good as the calf moves from the cow-calf producer to other beef enterprises throughout the beef chain.

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Sometimes Fair isn’t Fair

Sometimes Fair isn’t Fair

Lazy K Ranch Blog

Some people wanted to beat us, some wanted to be us, some wanted to try to get us kicked out, over my 10 years in 4H my family went through more things than I can even count and it all came down to people being jealous that my family is competitive.

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Beef Recalls Can Harm Cattle Prices for Years

Beef Recalls Can Harm Cattle Prices for Years

Sandra Eskin & Colin Finan

The Pew Charitable Trust

A recent study by two University of Georgia researchers found that a beef recall can affect cattle prices for as long as two years, and that the effects of multiple recalls can accrue over time.

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Cull Open Replacement Heifers Early

Cull Open Replacement Heifers Early

Beef Producer

As bulls are being removed from the replacement heifers it’s an ideal time to make arrangements with your local veterinarian to have those heifers evaluated for pregnancy after another 60 days.

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Bartlett Exits Cattle Feeding; Green Plains Expands to 355,000 Head

Bartlett Exits Cattle Feeding; Green Plains Expands to 355,000 Head

Wyatt Bechtel


Bartlett & Co. agreed to sell its two feedlots to Green Plains Cattle Company for $16 million, plus working capital. Included in the transaction are Bartlett Cattle’s feedlots in Sublette, Kansas, and Tulia, Texas, with a combined capacity of approximately 97,000 head. The move effectively ends more than 30 years of cattle feeding for Bartlett & Co. which will continue to focus on its grain merchandising, flour milling and feed manufacturing.

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Steps to Mitigate Financial Risks on the Farm

Steps to Mitigate Financial Risks on the Farm

Arizona Farm Bureau

Recently, the following questions were posed to some of our more seasoned staff at Farm Credit: (1) If you could identify a significant risk to a producer being successful and preserving their agricultural investment for the next generation what would it be? (2) What measures did these producers take to mitigate these risks?

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Aid for farmers nice, trade better

Aid for farmers nice, trade better

The Cattle Business Weekly

Chief among the steps USDA will take is providing $12 billion in relief via the Market Facilitation Program, which will provide incremental payments to producers of soybeans, sorghum, corn, wheat, cotton, dairy and hogs – markets that all have representation in the region. While agricultural groups acknowledge the efforts of the Trump Administration to help offset some of the lost markets and trade tariffs with the relief, they would prefer to have trade security and not emergency aid.
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Big data comes to a feedlot in rural Indiana

Big data comes to a feedlot in rural Indiana

Darrell Boone

Prairie Farmer

It’s not often that one comes across a farmer with a master’s degree in computer engineering from Purdue University. It’s the first time for this editor. But that’s Aaron Ault. He raises cattle and farms in Fulton County, Ind.

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Heat Stress: Handling Cattle Through High Heat Humidity Indexes

Heat Stress: Handling Cattle Through High Heat Humidity Indexes

Rob Eirich


The Cattle Temperature Humidity Index Chart will help to determine the risk level in planning cattle handling during the summer months.  As cattlemen enter the summer months, they need to understand and deal with heat and humidity. We need to consider some guidelines to help us reduce additional stress on cattle during these events and incorporate some of the following practices into our management practices.

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2018 heifer calves could become your most profitable cows

2018 heifer calves could become your most profitable cows

Harlan Hughes

Beef Magazine

Remember, this data is not presented as being representative of these four states. Rather, it is the summary of 1,766 herd-years of data in the database from these states from 2009 through 2015. The data source is the FINBIN database of the University of Minnesota.

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