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Young Cattle Auctioneer Champion – America’s Heartland

It takes speed, stamina and livestock savvy to be the best in the country when it comes to auctioning cattle. Bailey Ballou is a repeat winner at the annual event taking place, this year in Turlock, California. But also in the competition is a young man with the rhythm of a rap superstar, 18 year old Blaine Lotz.

It’s a dangerous business

It’s a dangerous business

Tayler Teichert

Progressive Cattleman

Through some recent life events, I have come to familiarize myself with the acronyms MSHA and OSHA. Before this year, I had never heard of MSHA; I knew OSHA had something to do with safety because I often heard cowboys say, “This probably isn’t OSHA approved,” while doing something fairly dangerous.

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Why record-breaking trade aid for farmers could failWhy record-breaking trade aid for farmers could fail

Why record-breaking trade aid for farmers could fail

Catherine Bordeau


Editor’s note: Stories of this ilk are included in the blog to inform those in our industry how agriculture is being presented to and perceived by the public.

President Donald Trump’s $12 billion relief plan for farmers may be the largest U.S. government effort in recent memory to help rural America cope with an entirely man-made disaster. And it could backfire in the long run. The government will pay some farmers directly and buy food from others to blunt the impact of a trade war entirely of the president’s own making. Despite the massive size, it won’t offset the sweeping damage to markets as other countries slap penalties on U.S. farm goods in retaliation for Trump’s tariffs on imports.

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Student interns learn about high-tech ag at Neogen

Student interns learn about high-tech ag at Neogen

Jon Vanderford |


A summer internship program at Neogen GeneSeek provides students with a great opportunity to learn. Renae Sieck is an intern at Neogen GeneSeek. The company is the world’s largest agricultural genomics testing lab. “This means that anybody that is doing genetic improvement on an animal, they are sending samples in for testing,

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Feeding Quality Forum 2018  Now for Cow-calf, Too

Feeding Quality Forum 2018  Now for Cow-calf, Too

Sarah Moyer

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

In its 13th year, the 2018 Feeding Quality Forum (FQF) will be reinvented. Until this summer, it has focused on cattle feeders with one-day sessions repeated two days apart in Nebraska and the southern High Plains. This year, a single forum will address topics for all segments of the cattle industry in Sioux City, Iowa, Aug. 28-29. A diverse range of speakers has signed on to create an opportunity like no other.

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With farmers struggling, can we afford cuts to Extension?

With farmers struggling, can we afford cuts to Extension?

Bill Spiegel

High Plains Journal

In the last 10 years, the K-State Research and Extension budget has been slashed 16 percent, from $55.1 million to $46.4 million. That budget includes all county Extension offices, 4-H programs, area Extension and Research programs and all the work on campus. Reduced allocations from the Kansas Legislature are largely to blame for the budget cuts. Federal funds also are drying up.

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People, Not Cattle, are Killing Us

People, Not Cattle, are Killing Us

Dan Murphy


At this point in the lengthy history of animal agriculture in America, an online article that begins like this is hardly breaking news:  “It’s already widely known that meat production creates far more pollution than bringing vegetables, fruits, and grains to market. It is difficult to envisage how the world could supply a population of 10 billion or more people with the quantity of meat currently consumed in most high-income countries without substantial negative effects on the environment.”

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