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Mark Parker: The Top 10 trophies they ought to hand out at the county fair

Mark Parker: The Top 10 trophies they ought to hand out at the county fair


  1. First-time fair mom who grew up in town but managed to survive her hog barn experience.
  2. Fair board member who rectified an issue despite being screamed at by parties on both sides.

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Tighten the calving window with essential fatty acids

Tighten the calving window with essential fatty acids

Neil Michael

Progressive Cattleman

The road to a successful fall breeding season seems simple enough: Get the most cows bred in the shortest possible window, then maintain those pregnancies until calving time. Yet unexpected detours and hidden potholes – such as infertility and early embryonic death – can result in a long calving season and uneven-weight calves at the end of the road.

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Fly Control Challenges

Fly Control Challenges

Dr. Ken McMillan

Even if you had started the feed-through earlier, in most cases you would have needed other control methods over the course of a season. Effective fly control utilizes an integrated pest management (IPM) program. Selection of the right class and application method are where professional advice is most valuable. Talk to your herd veterinarian, local extension agent or other experts to help develop a customized program specific to your operation.

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Generation Z: The Farmers of Tomorrow

Generation Z: The Farmers of Tomorrow

Wyatt Bechtel


During a recent Agricultural Business Council of Kansas City meeting a presentation was given on the emergence of Gen Z and their perceptions of agriculture. The data was gathered by advertising agency Osborn Barr with the help of FFA who helped locate farm families with members of Gen Z.

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How stocker operators can alleviate heat stress

How stocker operators can alleviate heat stress

Beef Magazine

Summer heat takes its toll on your entire herd, with a decrease in performance, the potential for increased sickness and economic losses. But for stocker calves, in their prime growth period, the added stress from heat can magnify those challenges even more so.

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Defending beef vital to keeping industry strong

Defending beef vital to keeping industry strong

Grand Island Independent

The beef industry is vitally important to Nebraska’s economy. It is the largest industry in the state. According to the Nebraska Beef Council, the $6.5 billion in cattle sales each year has an economic multiplier impact on the state of $12.1 billion every year. In fact, all cattle and calves in the state on Jan. 1 totaled 6.8 million head.

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Cattle and beef production in China

Cattle and beef production in China

Derrell S. Peel


According to estimates from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service, China is the fourth largest beef producing country in the world behind the U.S., Brazil and the European Union. 2018 Chinese beef production is estimated at 7.3 million metric tons — 58 percent of projected U.S. beef production of 12.4 million metric tons. China has an estimated total cattle herd of 96.85 million head in 2018, slightly larger than the current U.S. herd of 94.4 million head.

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