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The commodity of convenience

The commodity of convenience

Progressive Cattleman

Carrie Veselka

Online shopping is a practically endless, not to mention convenient, resource for merchandise such as clothes, books and electronics. No muss, no fuss and, within three to five business days, your items show up on the doorstep. For consumers around the world, that convenience is also expanding to grocery shopping.

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Fake News: “Cattle Crusher” Post Goes Viral on Facebook

Fake News: “Cattle Crusher” Post Goes Viral on Facebook

Wyatt Bechtel


. . .The post that took the cake though was the “Cow Crusher” and it quickly caught the attention of social media users around the globe. In the photo published on July 9, the last day anything was sent by the page, a bull can be seen laid on its side in a hoof trimming chute.

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Agricultural economists recommend ‘SPA’ for cattle producers

Agricultural economists recommend ‘SPA’ for cattle producers

Dr. Rob Hogan

Agrilife Today

The Standardized Performance Analysis, or SPA, program is an indispensable tool for helping beef cattle producers determine the production and financial performance of their individual cow-calf enterprise, said the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service economists now in charge of the program.

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K-State Beef Stocker Field Day scheduled for Sept. 20

K-State Beef Stocker Field Day scheduled for Sept. 20

The Fence Post

Quality stocker production strategies, cattle pain management, livestock theft and a panel discussion on how silage fits in growing diets are among topics planned for the 2018 Kansas State University Beef Stocker Field Day on Thursday, Sept. 20.

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Track Estrus, Health and Herd with an Ear Tag

Track Estrus, Health and Herd with an Ear Tag

Victoria G. Myers


A group of high-powered, seedstock beef producers from across the country met in Bruning, Nebraska, to learn about a new type of ear tag from Allflex. Designed specifically for beef operations, this battery-operated monitoring device marks a technological leap in cattle production.

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Scientists who manipulate DNA are hot commodity in biotechnology

Scientists who manipulate DNA are hot commodity in biotechnology

Aki Ito

Michigan Farmer

. . . As is common with cloned animals, most of the embryos never made it. But Buri and Spotigy, two calves born in April 2015, were free of the telltale bumps that eventually sprout into horns. That meant they would be spared the fate of millions of U.S.-raised cattle, whose horns are destroyed with a hot iron or toxic paste shortly after they’re born or are sheared off when they’re older.

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Connecting the People & Science of Food & Farming

Connecting the People & Science of Food & Farming

Michele Payn

Cause Matters

Why should people interested in food and farming care about social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube? It’s really quite simple. Facebook reached 150 million users nearly three times faster than a cell phone. If you’re not at the table, you can’t be a part of constructing the conversation about nutrition, science and agriculture – nor can you counter the misinformation campaigns around food, fuel, feed or fiber.

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