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Sharpen your cattle handling skills

Sharpen your cattle handling skills

Wallaces Farmer

Three workshops titled “Stockmanship, Cattle Handling and Beef Quality Assurance” will be held in eastern Iowa on July 30-31. Co-sponsors of the meetings are several county cattlemen groups in Iowa, the Iowa Beef Center, ISU Extension, and the Iowa Beef Industry Council. Anyone interested is invited to attend.

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NMSU to host national beef cattle reproduction symposium in Ruidoso Aug. 29-30

NMSU to host national beef cattle reproduction symposium in Ruidoso Aug. 29-30

Jane Moorman


The Applied Reproduction Strategies in Beef Cattle Symposium will be Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 29-30, at the Ruidoso Convention Center. New Mexico State University’s Cooperative Extension Service will host the event in collaboration with the New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association, New Mexico Beef Council and the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

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Satellites Could Be Next Tech for Tracking Cattle

Satellites Could Be Next Tech for Tracking Cattle

Philip Gruber

Lancaster Farming

Beef farmers, do you know where your cows are right now? With the help of satellite tracking devices, that’s a question that could be easier to answer than ever. “Our coverage is global, so anywhere on the planet that the cattle are, we can cover it,” said Chris Gray, vice president of emerging technologies and business development at satellite provider Globalstar.

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Hay shortage forcing Heartland cattle farmers to adjust

Hay shortage forcing Heartland cattle farmers to adjust

Nathan Ellgren


Many Heartland farmers who raise livestock are dealing with a multi-state hay shortage that is being caused by hot dry weather. Two hay producers in Southeast Missouri say it is affecting the quantity and quality of the hay, which in turn can impact the health of cows who produce beef and dairy products on our tables.

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What Happens When Farm Animals Raised to be “No Antibiotics Ever” Get Sick?

What Happens When Farm Animals Raised to be “No Antibiotics Ever” Get Sick?

Dr. Marybeth Feutz

Food Dialogues

One question I often hear is “what happens to animals who are being raised without antibiotics or following USDA Certified Organic guidelines, when they get sick?. Under the Certified Organic guidelines, if an animal requires antibiotics due to illness, that animal will receive treatment and be permanently removed from the organic, no-antibiotics herd and placed in a traditional herd after proper withdrawal times have passed.

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DeRouchey Presented ASAS Extension Award

DeRouchey Presented ASAS Extension Award

Kansas State University

Joel DeRouchey, Kansas State University Department of Animal Sciences and Industry (ASI) professor, was presented the Extension Award by the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) on July 9 at the 2018 ASAS Annual Meeting in Vancouver, Canada.

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Gene Editing: Potential and Perceptions

Gene Editing: Potential and Perceptions

John Maday

Dairy Herd Management

Using conventional selection for a particular desirable trait often brings along some baggage in the form of undesirable traits. And conventional breeding still takes considerable time, often several years, to generate commercially viable improvements. Genetic engineering, typically using foreign DNA to introduce novel traits, has complemented conventional breeding in recent years. Many consumers though, remain skeptical of these genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the food supply.

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