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Baxter Black, DVM: CIVILIZED

Baxter Black, DVM:  CIVILIZED

When you hear the word uncivilized, what mental picture do you form? A grizzled trapper? Atilla the Hun burning and pillaging eastern Europe? American Indians before the Puritans and the Spaniards?

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“I live in farm country. I know how things are done.”

“I live in farm country. I know how things are done.”

Gary Truitt

Hoosier Ag Today

“I live in farm country. I know how things are done” is an actual quote from a real person who was sharing anti-livestock propaganda on social media. This individual is not and has never been involved in agriculture. Yet, because they live in a rural community, they think they are an expert on farming.

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How to Write a Custom Grazing Contract

How to Write a Custom Grazing Contract

Meg Grzeskiewicz

On Pasture

Strong, written contracts can prevent some of the Boneheaded Business Blunders I made in my early years of ranching. My previous two articles have covered every brutally specific detail that I should have included in my former land lease contracts.

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As Selection Tools Become More Sophisticated, Ranchers are Growing More Confident in Decisions

As Selection Tools Become More Sophisticated, Ranchers are Growing More Confident in Decisions

Oklahoma Farm Report

There are so many genetic tools available these days to help producers select just the right bull for every operation. So many tools, it can at times get confusing when trying to get your arms around which tool to use to collect the information you are most interested in.

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Colostrum Thief May Hurt Next in Line

Colostrum Thief May Hurt Next in Line

Dr. Ken McMillan

The best assumption is that the actual calf of that cow would be at high risk for failure of passive transfer (FPT). This lack of passive immunity increases the risk of neonatal calf diseases, especially of the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts, and has been shown to have negative effects all the way to the feedlot.

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Keeping Bulls Fertile During Summer’s Heat

Keeping Bulls Fertile During Summer’s Heat


hen we think about reproduction in the herd, our first thoughts immediately shift to the cows. Are they at the proper body condition to breed? When do we need to synchronize and breed them to hit our target calving window? However, the bulls contribute their genetics to each calf, and work harder than the cows at breeding time usually covering 20-30 cows per breeding season.

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Tri-State Beef Conference to be held

Tri-State Beef Conference to be held

Dr. Andy Overbay

Southwest Virginia Today

The 11th annual Tri-State Beef Cattle Conference will be held at the Ron Ramsey Regional Ag Center in Blountville, Tenn., on Aug. 9. This year’s conference will address topics of interest to both stocker and cow-calf producers. The conference will be a one-day event and will include educational sessions covering such topics as beef cattle outlook, stocker versus feedlot health, management intensive grazing, breeding soundness exam, agricultural policy impacting the beef industry and aerial chemical application.

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