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BeefTalk: Is the Cow-Calf Enterprise Keeping Pace?

BeefTalk: Is the Cow-Calf Enterprise Keeping Pace?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension

In the business of cattle, producers seek to move forward by anticipating future opportunities and realizing what obstacles are present. That is not easy. However, reviewing and understanding past numbers helps.

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UW faculty member has issues with the college’s new slogan

UW faculty member has issues with the college’s new slogan

Rachel Spencer Gabel
The Fence Post

One faculty member at the University of Wyoming does not agree that “The World Needs More Cowboys.” The Laramie Boomerang in Laramie, Wyo., reported that associate professor Christine Porter believes the slogan will “embarrass” the university outside the state of Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain west and lacks inclusivity for those who “identify as female.”

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Livestock profitability starts with quality silage

Livestock profitability starts with quality silage

John Hibma

Progressive Forage

It’s not the milk check or calf price that makes or breaks an operation; it’s the feed quality for livestock that determines pounds of products for sale. Mistakes made during growing and/or harvesting are nearly impossible to rectify and will impact average daily gains, milk production and animal health for months.

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Pasture mycotoxins? Yes, there are

Pasture mycotoxins? Yes, there are

Mike Rankin

Hay and Forage Grower

The situation: A large cattle ranch in Florida was having reproductive problems that included low conception rates, embryonic losses, abortions, and a reduced live-calf crop. Cow body condition scores were also very low.  Interestingly, the problem wasn’t occurring with cattle at every grazing unit on the ranch. Some cattle were performing very well.

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Third-Biggest Cattle State Starts Traceabiity Program

Third-Biggest Cattle State Starts Traceabiity Program

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

This year Kansas is home to some 6.3 million cattle and calves, putting it third, after Texas and Nebraska, when it comes to inventory. But ag leadership in the state seems determined to establish a first-place position when it comes to a program for animal traceability.

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How to determine if you’re a farmer for tax purposes

How to determine if you’re a farmer for tax purposes

Western Livestock Journal

For many, being a farmer is a way of life. It’s in your blood. It’s a connection with the land and the animals you care for. However, sometimes what our gut says is a farmer doesn’t meet the definition for tax purposes.

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Can I Irrigate Animal Manures On Growing Crops?

Can I Irrigate Animal Manures On Growing Crops?

Rick Koelsch

University of Nebraska

The high rainfalls experienced in recent weeks have left many feedlot holding ponds full and operators looking for irrigation options for applying animal manure during the growing season. This article focuses on important considerations for application of open lot holding pond effluent and diluted manures during the growing season without damaging the crop.

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