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A new frontier of genetics in Arizona

A new frontier of genetics in Arizona

Progressive Cattleman

David Cooper

Cattle ranching, as the old idiom might say, isn’t exactly rocket science. But rocket scientists do make great cattle ranchers. Charles Backus, the Arizona cattleman applying a bold scientific approach to raising profitable herds, brings a unique background and viewpoint to the ranch lifestyle. If it’s something you love, it’s worth improving.

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Remove Twine And Bale Wrap When Feeding Hay

Remove Twine And Bale Wrap When Feeding Hay

Dr. Ken McMillan

While I have never diagnosed a problem where twine or bale wrap caused an issue in the digestive system, many others tell me they have. One of my best producers says he has had issues with Mylar helium balloons floating into their pastures and being eaten.

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Hines tells ranchers cow-calf business needs overhaul

Hines tells ranchers cow-calf business needs overhaul

Gayle Smith

The Cattle Business Weekly

Hines believes producers need to get back to the basics of production, instead of making cows bigger, which has increased costs. He shares a study from the University of Wisconsin in 1983 that showed smaller cows can wean more pounds than larger cows. “This study was done when the industry was already headed toward producing larger cows. Why weren’t we listening to this research? Now, 35 years later, we are heading back to the smaller cow,” he states.

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Keep your cattle breeding season short

Keep your cattle breeding season short

John Grimes

Canadian Cattleman

It is my experience that there is no single best calving season for all operations. Each is unique in terms of labour, facilities, feedstuffs, and ultimately, the selection should be determined by the likelihood of achieving the highest conception rates and calf crop percentage weaned with your available resource

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Indiana Reforms Bovine Tuberculosis-Testing Requirements for Cattle Entry

Indiana Reforms Bovine Tuberculosis-Testing Requirements for Cattle Entry

Hoosier Ag Today

The blanket requirement for bovine tuberculosis (TB) testing of dairy cattle entering Indiana has been lifted, effective Wednesday, July 11th. The updated rule still requires TB testing; however, dairy breeds are now to meet the same standard as all other cattle and bison.

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You Finally Got the Hay Made, How Good is It?

You Finally Got the Hay Made, How Good is It?

Mark Landefeld

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

“You gotta make hay while the sun shines”. How many times have you heard that said throughout the years? We’ve had some sunshine this spring/summer, but making first cutting “dry” hay has really been challenging for most farmers this year. Getting two or more days in a row without rain has been rare in the spring of 2018.

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Of cattle, people and why we’re in this crazy business

Of cattle, people and why we’re in this crazy business

Burt Rutherford

Beef Magazine

Why are you in the cattle business? The answer may not be as simple as it appears at first blush. There are many motivations and reasons that people raise cattle, and profitability isn’t always first on the list.

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