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BeefTalk: Future of Beef Revisited – Soil, Forage and Beef

BeefTalk: Future of Beef Revisited – Soil, Forage and Beef

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension

“Did you check your review mirror?” is an often-asked question because one cannot move forward without knowing from where one came.  The challenges of years past still were challenges, just like the challenges of today. One human weakness is the reluctance to read, study and learn from the past and then use what was learned to move forward. It pays to check the review mirror.

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The Top 7 factors for quality hay

The Top 7 factors for quality hay

Mike Rankin

Hay and Forage Grower

. . . here’s Dennis Hancock’s “Top 7 Factors that Affect Hay Forage Quality.” The University of Georgia Extension forage specialist enumerated the list during a recent Alabama Forage Focus webinar. The factors are listed in order of perceived importance.

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Successful cattle management in West Virginia means hitting consistent singles

Successful cattle management in West Virginia means hitting consistent singles

Lynn Jaynes

Progressive Cattleman

Of his successful 600-head commercial cow operation, Larry Echols says, “I just want to hit singles and not strike out.” Larry and his wife, Pam, own and operate Hidden Acres Farm in Gap Mills, West Virginia, with the help of their children, Andrew and Allison. So his comment begs the question: What constitutes “hitting singles” in the cattle business?

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Genetic Progress Focuses on Health, Animal Welfare

Genetic Progress Focuses on Health, Animal Welfare


This year’s recent Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) meeting in Loveland, Colorado, included a Neogen International Genomics Symposium, highlighting genetic emphasis on endemic health and welfare issues in the livestock industry.

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Busted! 5 beef myths that don’t stand up to the facts

Busted! 5 beef myths that don’t stand up to the facts

Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association

When it comes to the food you eat, you want to know the facts. Is it sustainably and ethically produced? Is it good for you? Unfortunately, the many misconceptions surrounding beef production make it hard to get accurate, reliable information.

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How do you compare to other ranchers?

How do you compare to other ranchers?

Harlan Hughes

BEEF Magazine

In the 1980s and 1990s, I’d tell cattle producers that the most important factor to having a profitable beef cow herd was determined by the year that they started their beef cow herds. If they started a herd on the upward portion of the beef price cycle, they probably made it in the beef cow business.

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5 tips to avoid forage shortages

5 tips to avoid forage shortages

John Grimes

Ohio Farmer

Any successful beef producer understands the importance of effective management of grazed and harvested forages. Cow-calf producers, stocker operators and feedlot managers share a common need for plentiful supplies of high-quality forages for the entire year. Unfortunately, environmental factors can make the availability of consistent supplies available from year to year.

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