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Nutrition plays key role in heifer retention

Nutrition plays key role in heifer retention

Gayle Smith

The Cattle Business Weekly

Only 60 percent of the heifers developed this year will be in the herd four years from now. The costs of keeping and developing those young cows is tremendous when there is such a large drop-off in pregnancy rates, according to a beef cattle nutritionist with the University of Nebraska.

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Farm transfer not easy in tough times

Farm transfer not easy in tough times

Prairie Farmer

Our two sons started buying shares in our operation as my wife and I began to slow down about five years ago. I’m now 68. One son couldn’t buy any more shares in 2017 due to tight times. It’s looking like he might not be able to do so again in 2018. Do we continue carrying him? The other son continues buying shares. How do we keep this fair?

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Kansas Announces Cattle Trace Pilot Program for Disease Traceability

Kansas Announces Cattle Trace Pilot Program for Disease Traceability


Governor Jeff Colyer and Secretary Jackie McClaskey joined leaders from the Kansas livestock industry on Saturday, June 30, at Barton County Feeders in Ellinwood to announce the Cattle Trace pilot project. Cattle Trace is a public-private partnership which will develop and test a purpose-built cattle disease traceability infrastructure in Kansas that will guide discussion and development of traceability on a national scale.

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